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State of the Rebel Squadrons - Hammerfall: Sons of Lithra

By MGN Nicolai Ginofev
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 10, 2016
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

End of Operation: Hammerfall - Fallen Ramparts

Hello, RSers, Nico here! It's the start of a new year, we've seen quite a few changes go on throughout 2015, and hopefully we'll mark yet another successful year in 2016 for the Rebel Squadrons. This extra length session did give plenty of people to get in there and get things done, I think this last session saw a fairly significant number of RSers participating, something like 60% for the ITOD. So good job to everyone, and let's start 2016 off strong!

Section One: News and Announcements

On to The News!

First up, Lieutenant JG Rogos Ieriden of Red Dragon Squadron, with support from Lamin, will be assuming the role of Medals Officer. Which, speaking of Lamin, the Internet Officer has a new assistant. It's Lamin.

Battlefront is out now for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, and with the abilities of both new consoles to easily share videos and screenshots, that just opened the doors to getting as many people on board to play it. So hop on and link up with fellow RSers and maybe try to get some new players in. If we have enough people playing, maybe we can schedule regular events (hint hint). Also, it will be hosting ITOD objectives of it's own, so there's plenty of reasons to get in on the latest Star Wars game.

On the mobile side, Galaxy of Heroes has launched as well, joining Commander and Uprising. Just like the other two mobile games, we're going to include Galaxy of Heroes as a supported activity, and it's available to download for your phone, mobile device or PC mobile OS emulator today.

Also, don't forget that you can show all of your preferred platforms on your RS Profile by going to your profile, select "Platforms" and then "Edit Platforms".

As we roll into 2016, the Operations Office is asking that RSers keep an eye out for activities that we can add to our lineup of supported activities and for those who can run said activities. Yes, we're not going to see many new Star Wars games, but we've been able to integrate non-SW games so far, and the idea here is we want to find more ways to play together and have fun. If you have any ideas you'd like to propose, please contact me at .

Section Two: Session Results

Now to the results for our extra-long session!

  • Top Pilot - Leaderboard: FA Michael Raven - 773 Points - Second Place - CMDR Jay Forerunner - 469 Points
  • Top Pilot - ITOD: CMDR Jay Forerunner - 20 Points - Second Place - FA Michael Raven - 16 Points
  • Top Squadron - Resurrection Squadron - 1813 Points

For those of you interested in seeing the final ITOD scores, you can check them out here:

Section Three: Promotions and Commendations

After the score results, we have the various shinies to hand out! And we've got quite a few, plus this is a bit of a special edition, but you'll see why later on.

First up, Medals!

Our newly minted Medals Officer actually took the time on his own accord to look up who was due for their longevity patches, so without further ado, let's get those up first.
  • MGN Nicolai Ginovef (10 Year)
  • FA Danny "Codyman" Qatar (20 Year)
  • LGN Eric Skrevski (13 Year)
  • MGN Markus Jarnhann (10 Year)
  • FA Michael Raven (13 Year)
  • ADM Joshua Hawkins (12 Year)

Next up are the session related medals:
  • RS Top Squadron - Resurrection Squadron
  • RS ITOD Top Gun - CMDR Jay Forerunner
  • RS Activity Top Gun - FA Michael Raven

Also, Commander Forerunner, for your rather diversified activity participation, you are also hereby awarded the Operational Development Pin. Congratulations!

Major General Quinal, front and center. Your efforts to continue to push forward with World of Tanks in the face of adversity is an inspiration to us all, especially to your fellow Task Force Leaders. On recommendation of your Platform Coordinator, Admiral Fox, I am hereby awarding you the Dagger of Courage. You're fighting a tough fight, General, but your perseverance and dedication is not without notice.

We also have some promotions!

First Lieutenant Destex, present yourself. For your continuing dedication to participating with the Rebel Squadrons, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. Keep up the good work!

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rogos Ieriden, come forward. It is not often we see a new member jump in so quickly and willingly into the depths of the Rebel Squadrons, and it is refreshing any time we see such behavior. As such, you are now promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Outstanding work, we hope to see great things of you.

Major Galen McGrath, please come on up. Your activity that has set you head and shoulders apart from your peers in Red Squadron has not gone unnoticed. In recognition for this, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Keep it up!

Now then, onto the special edition of this section. We have a very special promotion that also includes a narrative. So without further ado...

50:05:22 — Tarsonis, Greeop Sector

As he watched a myriad of officers process paperwork for the end of Operation Windstorm's Lament, Fleet Admiral Licah Fox glanced at the clock. It was time. He had just returned from the front yesterday, and had spent all morning working with the top brass to devise a strategy for the next operation. Now, it was time to deal with a personnel matter which had awaited his return. Leaving the busy work area, he headed over to the office of RS Fleet Commander Admiral Cyrel Vandroth. Cyrel was just leaving his office with Commander Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance in tow.

Licah smiled at Gunsmoke. "Welcome back, mate! Glad to see you up and about."

Gunsmoke nodded. "It felt like an eternity. I'm very glad to be back."

An aide came out of Cyrel's office and said, "Sir, the officer in question will arrive in five minutes."

Cyrel motioned towards the hallway. "Well, Fox, since you've made us wait nearly three months for this, shall we finally get on with it?"

The three headed off towards the assembly hall, where hundreds of officers had secretly assembled.

* * * * *

"What kind of Sith­loving bishwag messed up this time?" Admiral Joshua Hawkins growled at nobody in particular as he made his way down the corridor. A stray cadet on a minor errand tried to avoid Josh and the countless medals on his uniform, but didn't step aside quite quickly enough.

"Watch out, kid, I've just been forced to cancel a complicated project I planned on doing today, and I'm a little pissed off about it." The cadet skittered down the hallway.

Josh wondered to himself, What kind of unfortunate court­martial could this be? There were very few occasions when top­ranking officers such as himself were summoned to the assembly hall on short notice in full dress uniform. This wasn't going to be an ordinary event.

* * * * *

As Josh approached the hall, he found Licah waiting outside for him, looking uncharacteristically grim. Licah grimaced by way of greeting.

"Hi, Josh. Long time no see. Follow me."

Josh, already perturbed, hissed at Licah, "What, you don't see me for three months and that's all I get?! What the hell is going on around here?"

Licah simply walked into the assembly hall. Josh followed him and was surprised to find the hall full of silent officers. The greater shock, however, came as he reached the front of the stage where he was accustomed to standing. His usual place had been occupied, and on stage was the biggest gathering of High Command that Josh could remember in recent times. Not only were the Fleet Commander and Executive Officer present, Operations Officer Major Nicolai Ginofev stood nearby, and the full body of High Command was represented by Fleet Admiral Cody Qel­Droma, Licah, Major General Kimiao Quinal, and life­size holos of Major CrazyCarl and the rarely­seen Fleet Admiral Michael Raven. Licah motioned towards the center of the stage, and Josh gradually realized that this ceremony centered around him. His mouth went dry, his nerves instantly went on edge, and his forehead burst with sweat.

Admiral Cyrel Vandroth walked forward. His voice rang out clear throughout the hall. "Admiral Joshua Hawkins."

Josh set his jaw. Whatever he had done, he would face it head­on. "Present, sir."

Cyrel nodded at Gunsmoke. "Bring forward the document."

Gunsmoke stepped towards Josh and handed him a long, ornate, and official piece of paper. Josh took it and tried to skim it, but the contents were enclosed and difficult to open.

With a twinkle in his eye, Cyrel spoke. "Admiral Joshua Hawkins. You served the Rebel Squadrons as Fleet Commander for a year and a half, and additionally have served as Director of RS Intelligence for a longer period of time overall than any other officer in our history. Your efforts have singlehandedly kept the Rebel Squadrons viable in both difficult and easier times. Only twelve officers have ever earned the status which we hereby bestow on you. I hereby promote you to the final rank of the Rebel Squadrons."

"Congratulations, Fleet Admiral Joshua Hawkins!"

The hall erupted in applause. Thoroughly overcome, Josh found himself embracing all of the top command staff of the RS, then soon off into one serious celebratory party . . .

* * * * *

It had been a long time since Josh had had anything to drink, so the aftermath of the party made sure he slept well into the next day. Once he woke up, he found the ornate document on his desk. After making sure no one needed him in the command center, he sat down and opened the letter and began to read . . .

* * * * *

By unanimous decision of the Rebel Squadrons High Command, we hereby advise Admiral Cyrel Vandroth, Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons, that we voted on October 8, 2015, to promote Admiral Joshua Hawkins for his work as Rebel Squadrons Internet Officer and previously as Fleet Commander. We feel that this, the final rank of the Rebel Squadrons, is important enough to warrant our consideration, and we are delighted to honor Josh's service.

Some officers have provided personal notes below. We want to congratulate Josh directly for his work to date, and look forward to many more years of service!

—Fleet Admiral Licah Fox
—Fleet Admiral Michael Raven
—Fleet Admiral Cody Qel­Droma
—Major General Kimiao Quinal
—Major CrazyCarl

* * * * *


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for the RS. I continually find it amazing that you can give so much to our club and still find room daily to contribute more. It has always been a relief to know that you are able to keep our internet presence and therefore the club alive. We've known each other a long time:please accept this as a small gesture of my appreciation for your friendship and work. I

Hope you enjoyed this little surprise narrative!


* * * * *

Josh, this place would have collapsed years ago without you man. Thanks for keeping the fire burning at the darkest of hours. Even when you're tempted to toss gasoline on the fire and burn it all down, you still manage to talk yourself away from the matches and keep us chugging along. To say you have admiral qualities would totally be pun intended..


* * * * *

Josh, I really think that the only thing that needs to be said here are two words that you don't hear often enough.

Thank you.


Section Four: AWOLs and Squadron Transfers

Stay tuned, we're still compiling this information. However, if you're wanting to transfer to another squadron, you have until the mission briefing goes live to do so.

Section Five: Closing Statements

IO office is working on making it easier to choose what you’re interested in hearing about, and making it easier for Task Force Leaders to contact people interested in their platforms. Be on the lookout for a news update asking you to check your profiles!

Keep up the fight, pilots!


-Major General Nicolai "Cipher" Ginovef
-Operations Officer


FA Joshua Hawkins - Sun Jan 10 2016, 2:46pm
Thank you. From the bottom of black heart. Given everything in my life right now, this is a welcome respite.
MGN Nicolai Ginofev - Sun Jan 10 2016, 2:52pm
EDIT: Because the briefing is going live later today, the window to change squadrons is going to be a week's time, so you have until 1/17/2016 to do so.
FA Licah Fox - Sun Jan 10 2016, 3:04pm
The following additional comments did not make it in. I have edited the article.


Josh, this place would have collapsed years ago without you man. Thanks for keeping the fire burning at the darkest of hours. Even when you're tempted to toss gasoline on the fire and burn it all down, you still manage to talk yourself away from the matches and keep us chugging along. To say you have admiral qualities would totally be pun intended..



Josh, I really think that the only thing that needs to be said here are two words that you don't hear often enough.

Thank you.

COL Teu Veld - Sun Jan 10 2016, 3:09pm
Congrats Josh. Thank you for all that you do in the club at wide, the many hours you have fixed stupid, dealt with stupid and still manage to come back. Without you here there is no telling what this place would be. ^.^ *leaves a giant platter of cookies*
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Sun Jan 10 2016, 5:52pm
Congrats, Josh!