Rebel Squadrons

Republic Shield World of Tanks Quarterly Update

By MGN Kimiao Quinal
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 09, 2016
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RS finished 84th out of 5000 clans in the recent 3 pronged month long campaign at Tier 6, 8 and 10. We've never played above Tier 6 previously and we did fantastically well at Tier 8. Tier 10 we need to work on more but the guys did a great job demonstrating not only their skills but flexibility. I would like to thank everyone involved as we punched above our weight.

2 clan members (Fat_man09/Kimiao) received a prestigious award tank for a top 1500 tanker finish. (both tankers only missed 2 battles the entire campaign - 59/61 battles, and both Commanded every battle)
8 clan members received an award of digital camouflage for a top 3000 tanker finish.

Our victories came against a lot of teams in the top 100, we just weren't able to field as many teams as others clans, as we're small in comparison to the established big clans, but nonetheless we did a fantastic job.

We won 39 battles out of 61. (NA = The North American Server)

1 victory against teams ranked in the top 1-5 NA. (CLAWS ranked #3)
3 victories against teams ranked in the top 6-10 NA.
8 victories against teams ranked in the top 11-25 NA.
9 victories against teams ranked in the top 26-50 NA.
13 victories against teams ranked in the top 51-100 NA.
Rest of victories against people outside top 100 NA.

Medal Nomination:

I would also like to nominate CDT X-Wing_Phantom_ for a medal following him playing 37 battles and contributing greatly to the clan as an officer. I will also be recommending his promotion from Cadet when he finishes the training regime.

Current clan status:
Rank 102nd out of 5000 clans.
73/100 players on roster.

Skirmishes: (for fun)
Tier 10 9/18 50% win rate
Tier 8 29/47 61.7% win rate
Tier 6 21/26 80.77% win rate

Tank training is also available! People wanting to get into tanks...please let me know, happy to run through the basics so that you don't waste 1000 battles working it out! SHORT KIMI COURSE :)

Can all RSers that play WORLD OF TANKS please ensure that their activities are updated correctly on the webpage????

If you need to know how to do this, please contact me on IRC or by email.

MGN Kimiao Quinal


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