Rebel Squadrons

New Task Forces, OO Needed

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Dec 01, 2016
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Greetings RS,

I wanted to inform you of a few new developments.

New Task Forces

First, Modern Gaming will be phasing out the old Modern Team Gaming task force in favor of two new task forces: Modern Competitive and Modern Cooperative. When submitting multiplayer reports, if your game is not present on the list, you may report on either of these two new options. We are actively searching for members who would like to head either of these task forces.

As a reminder, members of the RS are encouraged to actively select any and all activities they are interested in on the Activities page (Found via the left-hand navigation bar) by selecting 'Edit my activities'. You will only see ITOD Objectives and receive e-mail alerts regarding an activity if you have selected it!

New Operations Officer Wanted

Next, the command staff is looking for a new Operations Officer. We are accepting ANY candidate that is willing to learn the position and wants to see activity flourish in the RS. The responsibilities of the Operations Officer position can be found here: . Please contact either myself or Kirghy if you are interested. We're both easy to find on Discord.


Finally, I wish to recognize two exceptional members of the RS for their continued service.

Rear Admiral Kirghy Lommax,

In arbitration, you have proven yourself a measured and conscientious judge on matters which is an excellent counterbalance to my 'vengeful wrath' notion of discipline. For that alone you deserve recognition. However, since agreeing to resume your post as RSXO, you have taken on more responsibility than I had hoped and proven to be an invaluable asset to the command staff. While you and I don't play many games together, I wished to let you know how much I have appreciated your work and support so far.

For that, I exercise my authority as Fleet Commander to promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral. You've earned it.

Fleet Admiral Michael Raven,

As Logistics Officer, you have continued to provide narrative information to task force leaders and authors across the RS. Your work on the RS storyline as a whole continues to drive activity and encourage engagement across multiple platforms. When you are unable to fulfill your duties or even random requests, you are always prompt in letting me know when you are unavailable. Despite no longer bearing the responsibility of the RPG division, you continue to be a model SGM and drive activity in that division.

As one of the most decorated officers in the RS, I struggled to find a suitable reward for your continued service. I've at last settled on an award I actually took out of retirement for exactly this type of commendation, one that has the dual benefit of being something you do not yet possess.

FA Raven, I hereby award you the Excellency of Duty commendation.

Gentlemen, thank you for your service. ":)


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