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Rebel Squadrons Weekly Newsletter #2 (02/26/2017)

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Feb 26, 2017
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Questions about Resistance Motives #2
Citizens for a United Lithra Holoblog
Taungsday | 50:06:02

This is Tegan again. So I got my hands on that horrific footage of that Titan officer torturing innocent Lithran civilians during an interrogation. It’s brutal. I’m placing it here in hopes that others see it before it’s pulled. I found something in it that I can’t quite shake from my mind, so I went in with some editing software and cleaned up the holovid to see if I could make more sense of it. Take a look at the results below.

Doesn’t the officer look like former representative and current Lithran Resistance leader Bentham Dixxon? The resemblance is uncanny to me, but I also tried to geotrack the location based on what I saw outside of the prison window. It doesn’t look like any known Titan prison, but the Etrill mountain range. Isn’t that where Dixxon operates? What the hell is going on here? Is the Resistance torturing innocent people? I’m having serious doubts about what we’re doing here…

Terrorist Killed in Predawn Raid
Titan News Agency | Lithra
Taungsday | 50:06:02

After an anonymous tip, Titan army forces in collaboration with Frasberg city authorities stormed the compound of Lithran terrorist and bombmaker Tegan Lafoy. The terror agent resisted apprehension and took civilian hostages but was killed by brave Titan special operations forces before she could take innocent lives. Our gratitude goes out to all those Titan forces keeping Lithra safe from these extremists.

Taking the Fight to the Enemy This Week:

• Star Wars: Simming. Republic Shield’s Allegiance Battle Group is finally ready to take the fight to Titan and reclaim Lithra. With over one-third of Titan’s remaining shipyards at stake, the coming battle could turn the tide of war. The invasion begins February 27 at 2:00 pm EST in the #ABG_SIM on IRC’s Dalnet.

• Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Our pilots are obsessed with the recent holofilm recounting the exploits of famed Rebel fighter Jyn Erso and her Rogue compatriots. As such, we’ve loaded the Battle of Scarif into the starfighter sims. Find it here:

• Star Wars: Empire at War. Our ground pounders have been no less enthralled. Relive the raid on the Scarif archives that helped the Rebel Alliance destroy the first Deathstar here:



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