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Rebel Squadrons Newsbrief #4 (03/29/17)

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Mar 29, 2017
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Republic Shield Takes Space above Lithra, but Sustains Heavy Losses
Greeop Sector News Agency
Primeday | 50:06:06

      Major engagements above Lithra have ceased and Task Force Republic Shield (RS) has declared an end to major hostilities in the space theater of operations above Lithra. While mop-up duty continues, Titan Fleet’s 5,000 meter Star Dreadnought, the Desolator, lays in ruin, its devastating weapons array no longer able to wreak havoc upon enemies. Victory was equally costly for the RS, with the allied fleet sustaining heavy losses during the operation. The Allied Star Destroyers Defiance, Devastator, and Midnight and the Fleet Carrier Seraphim have all been lost along with further cruiser, frigate, and gunship elements. The Star Destroyer Redemption landed the killing blow on the Desolator but herself suffered major damage during the engagement that will necessitate large-scale repairs before her next operation.
      While the Space above Lithra has fallen to the RS, the planet itself remains heavily defended and Titan army forces appear prepared to repel the impending attack. Repair tugs and resupply ships have been busily moving about the fleet to re-equip the task force for the next battle, and troop ships and ground assault forces are now moving into the operational theater to begin the planetary assault. However, the hobbled fleet, though victorious, is currently weakened and vulnerable to counterattack. Between the well-defended planet and possible counter-operations by Titan, the RS leadership hopes to avoid a protracted ground battle and the potential of being caught between a rock and a hard place if the planetary assault bogs down and Titan counterattacks the fleet during the invasion.

Taking the Fight to the Enemy This Week:

Star Wars: Empire at War. Commander, we need you to lead a small task force to destroy a Titan defense station and supporting ships so that we can punch our way through to the surface and begin landing troops: The mission can be found here:

Interactive Fiction Writing (Zealot Special Operations): Zealot Special Operations forces have been inserted on Lithra to “assist” the Lithra Resistance. They’re currently pinned down and facing imminent doom in a hangar in the capital city of Greyhaven. Join in at:

Star Wars: Force Arena. The invasion of Lithra is on! Help support our troops on the ground by taking out an enemy outpost that is guarding one of the landing zones for the our troops! The game can be downloaded onto your mobile device here: At level 3, our guild can be joined. Search for “rebelsquadrons”

As always, to Join the Rebel Squadrons, click here:


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