Rebel Squadrons

SotRS - September 2017 - Hammerfall: Aurora Rising

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Sep 14, 2017
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

September 2017

I. Foreword and Announcements
II. Squadron and Academy Updates
III. Awards and Recognition
IV. Mission Briefing
V. Conclusion

I. Foreword and Announcements

((First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our members in the southern United States. With both Texas and now Florida being hit with devastating weather, we hope all of you are staying safe and whole in these trying times. May the force be with you! ))

From the desk of the Fleet Commander

Dear Rebel Squadrons,

On September 10th, 2017, High Command has officially elected me to resume my duties as Fleet Commander of our organization. I had stepped away at the end of last year due to personal issues contributing to my inability to give the position the attention that it deserves. As those issues have since resolved, when I saw a need for a new fleet commander to provide guidance and direction to the command staff, I decided to throw my hat back into the ring.

It is an honor to serve as the leader of this club once again and my hope that I will contribute to the growth and betterment of the RS for some time to come.

Things are going to be a little hectic starting off as we rushed to get these new objectives squared away, but, look for some changes to come over the course of the next session!

ADM Cyrel Vandroth
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
New Game+

Command staff positions open!

First, I’d like to thank FA Michael Raven for being willing to step back into his role as Logistics Officer. It takes a great deal of skill and dedication to manage the RS’ fictional universe and I know of no one better suited for the job. It has always been my pleasure to experience Raven’s brand of storytelling, and it is my hope that we can do a better job of getting the RS’ story out to its members.

We’ve had some vacant seats in the command staff for some time now, and we’re looking for anyone interested in filling the following roles. Both myself and Kirghy will be delighted to train and assist you with these positions until you get the hang of them. No experience necessary!

Operations Officer - Your responsibilities include working with Task Force Leaders to come up with reasonable objectives for their activities, making sure they score their activities in a timely manner, and help resolve any questions on how to create and maintain said activities on the site.

Medals Officer - You help Task Force Leaders score their objectives at the end of the session, making certain that everything is fair and participants are properly rewarded. You take nominations for medals and promotions from all members of the RS and, as you learn which medals are applicable for various tasks, ultimately approve those nominations or suggest a more fitting commendation. You help maintain our inventory of medals, ensuring we have the proper methods of commendation for the activities our members are performing, including activity specific medals as requested by the Task Force Leader. Experience with creating art assets (see our existing medals!) is greatly appreciated, but not required at all.

II. Squadron and Academy Updates

Academy News: Cadets Zev Winters and Valin Teel joined the Academy this session. Cadet Winters has already completed the graduation requirements and has been promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and placed in Red Dagger Squadron. Cadet Orlen, LJG Arexander Clevor, and LJG BittyMERC have been dropped from the Academy due to inactivity.

Resurrection Squadron: Command of Rza has been transferred to FA David “Danny Lee-- No, we’re not doing that. Command of Rza has been transferred to FA Cody Qel-Droma. Congrats, Cody! Also, ADM Cyrel Vandroth has been removed from the Rza 12 spot and placed in the Academy due to being RSFC.

Red Dagger Squadron: MGN Kimiao is stepping down from the CO position. After a short search, please welcome 2LT Gavin “Skyhammer” Devearoux as the new Red Dagger CO. Also, 2LT Zev Winters has been added to the RDS roster from the Academy.

Diamond Squadron: LCM Galen McGrath is also stepping down as CO. In his stead, welcome back Major Yaihi’l Beskar to the CO spot! VA Kirghy Lommax has been removed as Diamond 10 and placed in the Academy due to being RSXO.


Resurrection: MGN Markus Jarnhann
Diamond: BGN Hermus Dogan, LCL Darth Gumbo, FA Licah Fox
Red Dagger: BGN Kimiao Quinal, BGN Swifty Chapple, ADM Tyrel “Spokes” Borran

III. Awards and Recognition

As we mentioned in the last SotRS, we are migrating to a new method of scoring participation in order to move away from the duration-based focus we had before. We had an ongoing situation where a select few individuals and activities would run away with the leaderboard and end up dominating everyone. A great deal of discussion occured on High Command on how to address this situation, and thanks to the suggestions of FA Licah Fox and the excellent planning of FA Michael Raven, a truly revolutionary system was designed. However, we neglected to tell you precisely what that new system is!

The new system
Each session, Task Force Leaders come up with specific objectives for members of the RS to accomplish within their activity. Collectively these objectives are known as the Interactive Tour of Duty, or ITOD for short.

At the end of the session, all participants in an activity are scored from 1 to 10 based on the objective criteria set forth by the Task Force Leader. Each activity contributes to a player’s total score (which can be no more than 10 for any given activity) and it is this total score that we will now use to determine the RS Top Gun.

Squadrons work a little differently. For any given objective, a squadron earns only the same amount of points as its highest scoring member. It doesn’t matter if a single squadron is the only one to participate in an objective, the most points a squadron can earn from any single objective is 10 (just like a player!). Therefore squadrons will always want to have as many players in as many different activities as possible to contribute to objectives. However, it is also possible for a single member of a squadron to participate in everything and earn lots of points for their squad, meaning that squads with a few less members can still win!

In addition to this, Task Force Leaders are asked to come up with a series of special objectives that participants in the activity can attempt to meet. Whether or not RS members are able to meet these special objectives has repercussions for the fictional storyline of the RS, determining whether we overcome our enemies or are ourselves defeated.

Before we get to that, however, let's get to the scores!

Phoenix Rising - Push Back Against the Titan

(We’re only presenting a summary of the results here, to see the scores themselves, checkout the following link: )
FC Directive MVP: ADM Lucas “IronMan” Benoit-Stark
Writing - Zealot (Immersion) MVP: FA Michael Raven
Writing - Non-Zealot (Immersion) MVP: N/A (no participation)
Simming (Immersion) MVP: ADM Lucas “IronMan” Benoit-Stark
Co-op (Modern Games) MVP: N/A (no participation)
Competitive (Modern Games) MVP: N/A (no participation)
Force Arena (Modern Games) MVP: LCM Galen McGrath
XWA (Legacy) MVP: 2LT coolcolt57
XvT (Legacy) MVP: ADM Lucas “IronMan” Benoit-Stark
EaW (Legacy) MVP: 2LT Gavin “Skyhammer” Devearoux

This session’s squadron competition was very, very close, with only 1 point distinguishing the winning squadron. A very important note, however, is that we had THREE events go without ANY participation! If any one of those events had just a single participant from the other two squadrons, that alone would have been enough to secure victory. Alas, a full 30+ points went unclaimed.

Therefore, with 41 squadron points to Diamond’s 40 and Red Dagger’s 36, Resurrection claims the RS Top Squadron award! Congratulations!

Of course, no session would be complete without recognizing the top performer of the pack. Whooping all of our collective backsides with a whopping 36 points to Michael Raven’s 23 and Galen McGrath’s 21, our RS ITOD Top Gun for Phoenix Rising is none other than Lucas “Ironman” Benoit-Stark.

Other Commendations:

Valiance Combat Citation awarded to Naesa Draw, Lucas Benoit-Stark, and Kirghy Lommax for extended combat action against the Imperial opponent pilots of the TIE Corps.

Gavin “Skyhammer” Devearoux and Lucas “Ironman” Benoit-Stark, you are hereby awarded the Iridium Spire for lighting a fire under the collective butts of half the RS and getting us involved in a single activity (SWG-Legends!). Thank you for your service.

Patrick Blastfire, step out from the shadows! You’ve been quietly eating the operations costs of the RS website for quite some time and have continued to provide us with a home on the web. In addition to that, you’ve allowed us to use your servers for minecraft and other gaming servers over the past few years. It seems somewhat outrageous you haven’t been formally recognized for these contributions, so darn it, we’re doing it now. You are hereby awarded the Chief Supply Officer award.

CrazyCarl, Ralis Solin, and Kirghy Lommax! As we begin moving to a new method of scoring, it seems only fitting to recognize those that have dominated the ITOD leaderboards thus far. CrazyCarl, for earning a total of 55 ITOD points since April of 2016, you are hereby awarded the Citation of Victory. Ralis and Kirghy, for earning 46 and 45 points, respectively, you each have earned a Merit Commendation.

Licah Fox and Michael Raven! For finally solving the activity conundrum that has plagued FCs and High Command for years by coming up with our new scoring system, you each earn the Dagger of Courage.


Cadet Zev Winters graduated from the Academy due to exemplary performance and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant Winters

Second Lieutenants Gavin “Skyhammer” Devearoux and coolcolt57, for achieving the highest score for the XWA and EaW and objective, respectively, you are hereby promoted to First Lieutenant (1LT). Congratulations!

Colonel Koah, stop running from the police long enough to come ‘ere. Continuing in the practice of recognizing service when a member steps down, as FC I want to personally thank you for having stepped forward to take up the role of Modern Gaming Platform Coordinator (and more recently, Simming TFL). You fulfilled your duties as was expected of the position and, in light of life now taking up your free time, recognized you were unable to continue and stepped down. Thank you. I hereby promote you to Brigadier General.

Lieutenant Colonel CrazyCarl! In attempting to get better at the practice of recognizing our members being excellent while they are doing so, I want to take a moment to thank you for your continued work as Legacy Platform Coordinator. Your continued work single-handedly providing content across multiple different activities is a boon to the RS, and we look forward to seeing your work in the future. You are hereby promoted to Colonel.

Thank you to Major Yaihi’l Beskar for his efforts in helping to organize the operations of the High Command staff to function while the post of FC is vacant. As such, the RS is happy to promote him the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations LCM Beskar!

IV. Mission Briefing - Hammerfall - Aurora Rising

-=Rebel Squadrons High Command, Tarsonis, Greeop System, Greeop Sector, 50:06:28=-

“I’m bloody gone for ae few bloody weeks an’ the whole place goes tae hell,” Admiral Cyrel Vandroth muttered under his breath, glowering as he reviewed the reports presented to him that morning.

The elderly man sat gingerly in one of the most secure rooms in one of the most well defended buildings in all of the territories the task force Republic Shield was currently protecting. Faint blue light flickered from various holoprojectors depicting several men in uniforms, and a female in a set of robes, all seated around a large circular table. The most advanced communications arrays and encryption protocols available to the fleet connected him with the leaders of the self proclaimed ‘Rebel Squadrons’ from across their various territories. The lights cast faint, dancing shadows over the piles of reports stacked infront of him on the table.

He had arranged them by sector, and roughly by their position relative to Tarsonis. Farthest from him and towards the center of the table were those from the Cadrel Expanse nebula, the Greeop Sector’s coreward border. The region had been fairly quiet so far throughout the Titan conflict, and had been since the last major campaign in the area, the so called ‘Outer Rim War’. Amusing, in hindsight, given the region was their LEAST ‘outer’ province. Despite the relative tranquility of the region, a few reports had been recently added suggesting a new threat was emerging. Just what they needed.

Nearest to him was a stack slightly larger than the first, corresponding to the Minos Cluster. It was the former host of the ‘Minos Conflict’, the RS’ first major military engagement against their on-again, off-again adversary and Imperial counterpart: the Emperor's Hammer. The RS hadn’t had to contend with those particular Imperials in years, and intelligence on their movements was sketchy at best. At the moment, Minos served as the RS’ buffer against the Titan Fleet which solidly controlled the Kathol Sector even further south. Reports of increasing pressure in the Minos sector was becoming more and more of a concern, and with the focus on taking back Aurora, Cyrel was concerned at their ability to hold it.

To his left was, concerningly, the smallest pile of them all. Representing the Subterrel sector to their West, that region of space had become a logistical nightmare to hold. Recent mapping of the intervening region between Subterrel and Greeop had charted a host of hyperlanes leading to previously undiscovered worlds. Some already inhabited and eager to join the galactic community, others prime targets for greedy, expeditionary members of the corporate sector. With their forces stretched so thinly to reinforce their borders under siege from the Titan Fleet, the Subterrel sector had been all but neglected. Now even the regular status reports seemed to be wasting away.

Between the three would have been a small avalanche corresponding to Greeop, but most of those he had already been dealing with, and very few of them were inspiring. Single squads of elite Titan starfighter units had been ambushing supply convoys, bombing installations, and playing general havoc with the homeland of the RS. The Imperials had been deflected from the RS’ most critical locations, but it was still a hindrance that would be felt throughout the fleet.

To his right… well, to his right was a small mountain of datapads, each connected to their recent efforts in the Aurora Sector. to their galactic East. The past several months had seen several pitched battles throughout the sector, bleeding the Rebel Squadrons dry from losses in personnel, vessels, and territory. Only after committing, possibly overcommitting, to retaking the sector had they finally begun to turn the tide, or, as some of their younger members put it…..

“But sir, we’ve been kicking ASS in Aurora,” replied Colonel ‘CrazyCarl’

Cyrel grunted, acquiescing, “Aye, and bloody good work on tha. Howevah, we go’ Titan raiding parties strafing tha whole bloody gambit from Minos to the Cadrel Expanse, convoys under attack… do ye know wha its like havin half ‘o dozen planetary govenahs blowin’ up yeh comm in tha wee hours of the mornin cause yet another shipment has been blown ta hell? Makes recovery a right pain in tha arse.”

One of the few other physical presences in the room, the chief intelligence officer of the Rebel Squadrons Joshua Hawkins, spoke up from Cyrel’s left. “No pun intended?”

Cyrel glowered, snapping at Hawkins “Shut it. Those wings were kriffing delicious.”

Joshua stared at the Fleet Commander for a moment, before calmly stating “ had to have your entire intestinal tract replaced, your blood filtered for toxins three separate ti-.”

Cyrel’s bioluminescent gaze flickered as his left-eye twitched, and he began to raise a finger at the intelligence officer, “Now, you leave my colon out of th-”

Josh had kept speaking, now shouting over Cyrel’s indignant protest, “-ommision for months, all because you had to have ‘the best wings in the sector’ even though they CLEARLY disclosed that they were LETHAL to near-humans!”

Cyrel winced at that, glancing away from Hawkins, “MOST near-humans…” After a moment, he petulantly added, “ye were right there with me, an ye didnae stop me!”

Josh snorted, “It’s not my job to control your actions, sir. Only to inform you when you do something moronic.”

“GENTLEMEN”, chided a currently amused, if impatient, tone belonging to that of the more level-headed Fleet Executive Officer Admiral Kirghy Lommax, “We’ve made significant progress turning the tide in the Aurora Sector. Once we’ve re-established defenses and liberated Aurora, the Redemption can return to Greeop and reinforce our home sectors back to their normal fighting strength.”

“And yet the fleet still failed to actually hold
“I believe what Admiral Sconn is trying to say, is that while the ABG continues to fight effectively against Titan, we need to ensure that the other units of the RS are keeping up their activity and ensuring that what small gains we manage to achieve aren’t squandered.” Her voice was soft and contained some air of authority, but she kept her comments kind and brief. “Moving into the next phase of operations, it will be critical to our continued operations that Titan doesn’t regain their foothold, and so it’ll be very important that our efforts aren’t hindered by the actions,” she paused, “or inactions of other units.”

“Well said, and as always, ah pleasure to be hearin from ye, Headmistress Killia,” Cyrel said with a smile, giving the woman a slight bow of his head in deference to the great respect he had for the personal fortitude and effort it took to manage the more eclectic members of the ABG. The Fleet Commander turned his attention back to the group at large, “We stand on a knife’s edge, an’ ah bloody one at tha’. We’ve paid fer this chance in Aurora. Make it count. May the force be with ye.”

Echos of the popular adage trailed after the wisps of holographic projections dissipating around the table. Cyrel stared past them for a moment, seemingly at the wall at the opposite side of the room, nothing in particular. His hand reached out, lightly tapping on the stack of datacards relating to Subterrel, before beginning to absently drum his fingertips across their surface, “and you’re sure this is it?”

Officer Hawkins spoke up again, looking up from a datapad of his own and taking one glance at the Fleet Commander before replying, “Yes, sir. One report from acting strike group commander Colonel Jamart in the past week, and one each from the captains of the Concordia and Blackwood. Same as before, exploratory raids against our outer outposts in the sector, but no committed offensives as of yet.”

Cyrel arched a brow, glancing over at the man, “They’re waiting on something… An, collectin’ reports from her subordinates…” he tsk’d, “peeking in on our newly promoted Colonel, are we?”

Josh smiled thinly, “It’s my job.” His brow furrowed as he glanced down at the datapad again, “There was one anomaly, however. Jamart’s last report’s encryption was a cycle out of date. The Vigilance Strike Group’s comm protocols were scheduled to update two days ago.”

Cyrel’s hand froze mid gesture, hovering just above the surface of a card, “....might jus’ be a lapse, or she was respond’n tae a fire… Still, best be sendin a team tae check in.”

That comment finally prompted a slight grin from the RS’s spymaster, “Already on it’s way, sir.”

Cyrel grunted, and resumed drumming his fingertips across the table, “....I still say tha wings were worth it…” he continued, despite the groan coming from Hawkins, “Best. Wings. Inthasector!”

Past Results

FC Objective - RS Defeat: With very little activity across the RS, the Titan fleet is able to capture one of the two Subterrel Communications Array stations, and will be able to push forward toward the Greeop sector next session.

Writing - Zealot (Immersion) - Minor victory:The Titan Forces around Lithra have been obliterated, and we no longer have to worry about reprisal attacks

Writing - Non-Zealot (Immersion) - RS Defeat:RS Special Operations have failed completely and did not eliminate their targets. The Resistance will gain several seats in the new government and may be more difficult to deal with in the future.

Co-op (Modern Games)) - RS Defeat:Titan starfighters striking behind our front lines deal tremendous damage to RS infrastructure and cause terrible problems. All RS infrastructure is reduced by 1 level.

Competitive (Modern Games) - RS Defeat:The RS fails to destroy a Titan Fleet Star Galleon containing a massive shipment of armaments, and the warheads make it to the fleet. All enemy vessels in the next session will be equipped with 'High Yield' or 'Advanced' versions of the normal warheads they would be equipped with.

Force Arena (Modern Games) - Minor Victory:Insurgent Titan commandos remaining on Lithra are stopped, and several Commandos are killed. Next session, the remaining Titan personnel can be hunted down and eliminated with an offensive mission.

XWA ( Legacy ) - Minor Victory:Several Titan capital ships have been destroyed with only a few losses to the RS starfighter corps. Titan raids in Aurora and Subterrel will be less effective.

XvT ( Legacy ) - Minor Victory:Pretty much all of the enemy strike forces were destroyed, and no negative impacts have been recorded on RS infrastructure.

EaW ( Legacy ) - RS Defeat: Our military commanders set out to organize and unify our disparate forces fighting across multiple sectors. Unfortunately, our commanders have done more harm than good, and various logistical problems have negatively affected other areas. A random platform has its 'objective completion' reduced by two levels.

Simming (Immersion) - Reduced from Minor Victory to RS Defeat due to EaW result:The ABG, unfortunately, took far too much damage during the invasion and Titan forces have not only completely confounded the counter-offensive but have resumed offensive operations. All ABG Side Projects, production, and businesses are disabled for one week.

Hammerfall - Aurora Rising

-=Flag Admiral’s Office, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Prometheus II, Aurora Sector, 50:06:32=-

Vice Admiral Lommax looked up from his desk on the Prometheus II as Lieutenant Colonel 'Crazy' Carl entered, and started slightly with surprise. "Colonel Crazy, it's been awhile since I've seen you around here, what can I help you with?"

"Firstly, admiral, I'd like to offer my congratulations on your continued pushing back the Titan's forces from our area," began Carl.

The admiral waved him off. “Please, keep the flattery to yourself. I know you and your pilots have also been working hard to help us keep up our momentum and that we wouldn’t be in nearly as good a position as we are without them,"

"My thanks as well admiral, however I do have some additional worrisome news to report."

Kirghy quirked an eyebrow. "And that is?"

"During our pursuit and reconnaissance of the retreating Titan forces, I believe that we've run across another Imperial faction operating in the region and. . . well quite frankly sir, they're pretty good."

Lommax's brow furrowed as he considered this information. "How good? Precisely where was this?"

"Near the Keresi system, on the edge of the Sluis sector. And by ‘good,’ I mean that we happened across a patrol of lone squints, certainly not from the Titan. There was a single wing without capital support and they fought us to a standstill."

Lommax interjected sharply: "Casualties?"

‘Crazy’ gave a slight shake of his head. "No sir, none, but no one in our flight had much in the way of shields left at the end of the engagement, and while we scored some damage on the TIEs, we weren't able to claim any of them either." Carl paused to offer the admiral opportunity to inquire further into the details, but the admiral just continued to quietly consider the news.

"Sir," continued Carl, slightly bracing himself, "I'd like to request that we relocate some of the Cadrel fleet to the Sluis sector to act as a forward garrison to protect our backs in case there's more Imperial activity there that we don't know about."

Kirghy thought about that for a second. "A single flight of TIE Interceptors you say? Are you sure you're not jumping at shadows, Colonel?"

"I don't know sir," replied Carl. "But I don't think so. Imp pilots don't live long enough to get that good without some pretty good infrastructure and backing. Our fronts against Titan are secure for now, the Cadrel fleet isn't busy with much at the moment, and as I said, we're a bit lacking on intel regarding what's going on core-ward right now, so I think it's worth the risk."

Lommax considered for a moment, "I see your points, Colonel, and will consider your request once the rest of the recon reports on Titan come in, dismissed."

"Thank you, sir," Carl replied as he made for the office door, wondering briefly what he may have just gotten himself into.


-=Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Prometheus II, Aurora Sector, 50:06:35=-
T- 4:00:00

The five spec-ops shuttles glided in the space ahead of the Prometheus before jumping to hyperspace. On the bridge, two admirals watched them go.

Admiral Tyrell ‘Spokes’ Borran, commander of the Aurora Sector Defense Force, spoke first. “Well, we’re committed now.”

“That we are,” replied Vice Admiral Kirghy Lommax, Republic Shield Executive Officer. “Our surprise should be here in half an hour.” An almost feral grin bloomed on his face. “I don’t think the Imperials will enjoy it too much.”

“I just hope those commandos can knock out those ground-based weapons emplacements before we get there. I'm more concerned about those than the enemy ships.” Spokes gave Kirghy an appraising look. “Are you sure the surprise is necessary? We have enough to beat them based on the intelligence data.”

Kirghy pondered that for a moment before he nodded. “Yes, it's necessary. I don't just want to beat them. I want them demoralized. To know that, despite the damage they’ve inflicted upon us, we’re not giving up these territories without a fight.”

“We’re going to make them bleed.”


-=Admiral’s Office, MC-90 Star Cruiser Windstorm II, Aurora Sector, 50:06:35=-

“Admiral, what story do ya have for me this time?” Admiral Cyrel Vandoth’s holographic visage looked at Kirghy as he sat behind a desk aboard the Windstorm II.

“Sir, the fleet is assembled and prepared to make the jump to Aurora. We’ll be making the jump in 15 minutes.”.

Vandroth nodded. “Excellent. And what do ya think of the Windstorm? Ya think she’s goin’ tae be up tae the task?”

Lommax smiled. “Absolutely. I’ve just been on a tour of her myself, and she’s a magnificent vessel with an outstanding crew. The Imperials won’t know what hit them.”

“Oh they’ll know what hit ‘em. Yae cannae miss a few million tons of starship.” The Fleet Commander paused for a moment. “I am concerned about one wee thing though, lad.”

Kirghy made no effort to hide his confusion. “And what is that, sir?”

“Nobody’s seen the Titan since the last pitched battle at Aurora. Nae a single report o’ that monster in tha whole bloody sector. I wonder jus’ what that wee bastard runnin’ her is up to.” Cyrel just shook his head. “Regardless, yae got a battle to run, Admiral. Give ‘em hell from all of us.”

“Aye aye, sir. Lommax out.”

-=Above the planet Aurora, Aurora Sector, 50:06:35=-

With carefully synchronized precision, the 40 ships of the Aurora Sector Defense Force exited hyperspace above Aurora. The Fourth Battle of Aurora had begun.

Hammerfall - Aurora Rising Activities:

Note: Session ends at 23:59 on October 31st!

Zealot (Interactive Fiction Writing)

Participant Overall Objective: The Zealot team has successfully managed to land on Lithra, despite serious compromises to mission and equipment. It is imperative that its targets are neutralized. Get in position to take out various Lithran terrorist agents.

Individual Scoring: Posts must be reported via the writing reporter. Highest word count wins, but will also consider awards by those who post often and help keep the story moving at a brisk rate.

RS Defeat: RS Special Operations have failed to locate their targets..

Stalemate: Targets located and infiltrations have begun.
Objective: AT LEAST Six (6) unique people participate in AND report on the Zealot thread Lithra storyline. In addition, participants must achieve the fictional location and infiltration.

Minor RS Victory: At least one target eliminated this session.
Objective: AT LEAST Six (6) unique people participate in AND report on the Zealot thread Lithra storyline with AT LEAST five (5) of the total posts submitted above 500-1000 words. In addition, participants must achieve previous infiltration and eliminate at least one target.

Major RS Victory: All subversive targets have been eliminated.
Objective: AT LEAST Six (6) unique people participate in AND report on the Zealot thread Lithra storyline with AT LEAST five (5) of the posts submitted above 500-1000 words. In addition, Two (2) new people partake in the storyline AND at least two (2) joint threads between two or more participants. In addition, participants must achieve previous infiltration and eliminate all three major targets this session.

Individual Scoring: Posts must be reported via the writing reporter. Highest word count wins, but will also consider awards by those who post often and help keep the story moving at a brisk rate.
Non-Zealot Overall Objective - Scenario: The battle of Lithra brought about a great victory for Task Force Republic Shield, but not without its extent of casualties. Losses of life and resources stifled the idea of a well celebrated victory, and left many longing for revenge against the perpetrators responsible, the Imperial Remnant group known as Titan.
Directive from Task Force Republic Shield has planned a counter-offensive, one that can cripple the resources and manpower of this worthy and deadly foe. Under the weight of such demand, you all have been given a brief respite on Lithra as a momentary reprieve from the task ahead.
Write a post that chronicles what you did on your break. You can join with someone else or you can write your own thing. Also, you are encouraged to delve into the state of mind of your character. How are you dealing with the culmination of an intense battle? What is your state of mind? Has your faith in this war cracked or has this steeled your resolve?
RS Defeat: Without hunting down the remnants of the Lithra defenders, they are able to regroup and counter-attack. The largest shipyard over Lithra is destroyed by the counter-attack, severely impacting our reinforced ship-building capabilities.

Stalemate: Not enough Titan Forces were destroyed in the counter-attacks, and one of the shipyards has been damaged. It will operate at reduced capacity for several sessions while it is repaired.
Objective: AT LEAST four (4) unique people post in the Hammerfall - Aurora Rising thread.

Minor Victory: The Titan Forces around Lithra have been obliterated, and we no longer have to worry about reprisal attacks.
Objective: AT LEAST four (4) unique people participate in the Hammerfall - Aurora Rising thread with AT LEAST 2 posts above 500-1000 words

Major Victory: Not only did we hunt down the Titan forces around Lithra, but we caught several major convoys trying to resupply and repair their vessels. Titan's Supply Status in the Aurora sector will be downgraded by one full grade.
Objective: AT LEAST three (3) participants must post on the Hammerfall - Aurora Rising thread. with AT LEAST 2 posts about 500-1000 words AND at least three (3) joint threads between two or more participants.

Star Wars Galaxies (Legends)

Participant Overall Objective: The Titan Fleet has made its move on the Minos Cluster. It is imperative that we repel their forces from this sector. Proceed to the cluster and defend against the destabilizing influence of the Titan Fleet and send them packing from RS space.

Individual Scoring: Destroy Imperial Star Destroyer or Corvette in Space. Document the kill with a screenshot using the RS's activity scoring system. Each individual must report with their own screenshot, even if destruction part of team effort.

RS Defeat: Titan takes the Minos Cluster
Objective: At the end of the session, the designated in-game RS guild has less than 8 members that have logged on in the past month.

Stalemate: Titan destroys a sizeable amount of our Minos forces, but we retain the sector
Objective: At the end of the session, the designated in-game RS guild has 8 or more members that have logged on in the past month.

Minor RS Victory: The RS Repels Titan from the Minos Cluster with only moderate losses.
Objective: RS guild members get together at least once a week (missing no more than two weeks) involving three or more members of the guild attempting to destroy the ISD, leveling, or other cooperative actions.

Major RS Victory: The RS Repels Titan from the Minos Cluster, suffers minimal losses, and is able to give immediate chase to retreating Titan fleet.
Objective: The RS guild, on at least two separate weeks, schedules and executes an event with over five or more participating RSers.

Individual Scoring: Destroy Imperial Star Destroyer or Corvette in Space. Document the kill with a screenshot using the RS's activity scoring system. Each individual must report with their own screenshot, even if destruction part of team effort.


After repeated victories against the Titan forces, the ABG has a moment to kick back and reassert their power on the front lines.

Overall Objective: Participate in ABG sims throughout the course of the session by logging on to the IRC DALnet network and joining the channel #allegiance. Senior Game Masters Koah, Raven, and Cyrel can help you create a character to participate in sims, which typically happen Sundays at 2pm and Tuesdays after 6 pm (eastern).

Individual Scoring: Individuals must submit a report to this objective linking their activity profile with evidence they have participated in at least one sim (e.g. ). At the end of the session, the activity leader will score all participants (from 1 to 10) based on their total points accrued during this session.

RS Defeat The ABG cannot gain the footholds they need. All ABG Side Projects, production, and businesses are disabled for one week.
Objective: Less than 6 unique players participate in sims during the ITOD session.

Stalemate: The ABG has managed to go blow for blow with Titan forces but no advantages were gained. All ABG Side Projects and Businesses have their production reduced by 20% for one week.
Objective AT LEAST (6) different participants join in a sim during the ITOD session.

Minor RS Victory The ABG has successfully been able to push against the remaining Titan elements in the Aurora Sector and gained the foothold they need to start a new offensive into Titan space. The Titan occupation of Aurora is reduced by 1 level.
Objective: AT LEAST (6) different participants partake in a sim AND complete the primary objectives of the Counteroffensive Against Titan campaign.

Major RS Victory: Not only has the ABG countered the Titan forces, but they've managed to destroy several capital ships and cripple remaining Titan forces in the sector, giving the ABG some breathing room. The RS now pushes back against Titan in enemy territory and all ABG Side Projects and Businesses have their production increased by 25% for one week.
Objective: AT LEAST (6) different participants partake in a sim, complete the primary objective of the Counteroffensive Against Titan campaign, AND AT LEAST three people EITHER run one (1) sim OR earn their aGM patch.


Mobile Gaming (Force Arena, Galaxy of Heroes, Commander, anything else mobile-y playable, etc.)

Participant Overall Objective: You have boarded one of the Titan Fleet’s ships during the Minos Battle as an assault team. Take the ship!

Individual Scoring: Report your matches (across any mobile game, any type of match) as normal using the Generic Activity reporter (From the left-hand navigation bar, Reporters -> Generic Reporter). Once you have at least one match reported, report on this objective including a link to that match (e.g. ). At the end of the session, the task force leader will score all participants (from 1 to 10) based on the number of valid reports submitted.

If Major RS Victory achieved, the individual with the highest score can pick Imperial ship captured from list of approved ships, name it, and assign it to his Fleet/Squad/Wing of choice (under HC discretion), perhaps even becoming their new squadron flagship.

RS Defeat: Your assault team is repulsed with major casualties.
Objective: Two match reports or fewer per week averaged throughout session from any number of participants.

Stalemate: Your assault team is repulsed from the ship with major casualties, but not before causing catastrophic damage that destroys the ship
Objective: At least three match reports per week averaged throughout session from at least three unique participants.

Minor RS Victory: Your assault team takes the ship with minor casualties, data cores provide great intel on Titan Fleet’s next potential moves, but the ship is damaged enough to serve only as salvage.
Objective: At least five match reports per week averaged throughout the session from at least five different total participants over session duration.

Major RS Victory: Your assault team takes the ship with minor casualties, data cores provide great intel on Titan Fleet’s next potential moves, the ship is operable and taken.
Objective: At least five match reports per week averaged throughout the session from at least five different total participants over session duration AND at least an average of two reported co-op opportunities reported per week over the duration of the session (GoH Guild events, FA 2v2, etc.).


XvT Objective:
In the midst of the Titan campaign, we've identified another threat on our core-ward front. The vanguard forces of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps are beginning to encroach on our borders. Though their forces are small in number, they are skilled elite, so we need our best pilots out there to help hold them at bay while our main fleet continues it's focus on hunting down the Titan. Individual scores (out of 10) based on total number of kills-deaths reported for the session.

We need as many of our pilots as we can muster out there getting experience engaging the Imperial forces of the TIE Corps who are encroaching on our coreward borders.

Individual Scoring:
Individual scores (out of 10) based on total kills-deaths for the session.

RS Defeat: Next session, the RS is blind to EH movements in the Sluis sector.
Objective: TIE Corps posts higher scores than the RS during weekend skrimishes or <4 RS pilots participate in said skirmishes.

Stalemate: No changes to territory.
Objective: Relatively even RS vs. TC scores during weekend skrimishes

RS Minor Victory: The RS gains a forward scout post position at Dagobah.
Objective: RS outscores TC during weekend skirmishes or >6 RS pilots participate.

RS Major Victory: The RS gains a forward scout post position at Dagobah.
Objective: RS outscores TC during weekend skirmishes AND >6 RS pilots participate.


XWA Objective:
We've spotted some supply convoys trying to resupply the retreating Titan's forces. If we act quickly, we should be able to intercept and smash some of them before they can make their deliveries to the Titan capital ships.

Mission available here, rename to B1M1G.tie and place into MISSIONS folder, then fly as Battle 1 Mission 1:

Individual Scoring:
Individual points awarded (out of 10) based on each player’s mission score.

RS defeat:- The Titan force is resupplied and will launch a fresh assault against the RS bastion at Lithra next session.
Objective: <4 reports were submitted.

Stalemate Resupply is interrupted enough to prevent a counterattack, but is otherwise inconsequential to the Titan forces.
Objective: 4-6 reports were submitted.

RS victory Supply is interrupted enough to leave the Titan strike force open to an RS assault next session.
Objective: 6-8 reports were submitted.

Major RS victory: Not only is the supply stopped but the Titan strike force itself is significantly damaged during the operation.
Objective: >8 reports were submitted.


EaW objective:

Play an Empire at War skirmish mission together with another RSer.

Individual Scoring:
Individual points (out of 10) awarded based on difference of units killed vs. opponents kills.

RS defeat: Lithra's planetary defenses are reduced, leaving the planet more open to a Titan counterattack.
Objective: No matches were played this session.

Stalemate: No changes to Lithra's defenses.
Objective: 2 players report on playing a match together

RS minor victory: - Lithra's planetary defenses are bolstered against a potential Titan strike.
Objective: At least 4 players report on playing matches together.

RS major victory: Litra's orbital AND ground defenses are bolstered against a potential Titan strike
Objective: More than 4 players report on playing matches together.


X-Wing Miniatures (Vassal-based)

An RS taskforce has been deployed to lure Titan forces away from Aurora as the mainline fleet begins its attack. Engage any fighters and/or capital ships encountered and assure they do not retreat to reinforce Titan’s Aurora assets.
Participant Overall Objective: Participate in X-Wing Miniatures battles using the Vassal table-top emulation (or in person if you know a local RSer!).

Individual Scoring: Report your matches using the Generic Activity reporter (From the left-hand navigation bar, Reporters -> Generic Reporter). Once you have at least one match reported, report on this objective including a link to that match (e.g. ). At the end of the session, the task force leader will score all participants (from 1 to 10) based on the number of valid reports submitted. Individual(es) with most matches played at end of session will get a custom X-wing Minis card made for their character (at Cody’s discretion).

RS Defeat: Titan’s periphery forces hypered away to reinforce its Aurora-based fleet. RS forces will face an increased Titan presence in the Aurora Sector next session.
Objective: No matches were played this session.

Stalemate: The majority of Titan’s outer picket forces were able to retreat to reinforce the main fleet and warn it. No net change to the strategic balance in Aurora.
Objective: AT LEAST two (2) unique people participate in at least one match throughout the session and report it via the activities reporter.

Minor RS Victory: The majority of Titan’s outer picket forces were destroyed, though some may have made it back to the Aurora fleet to warn it. The RS taskforce suffered minor casualties. Defending Aurora will be slightly easier next session.
Objective: More than two (2) unique people participate in at least two matches throughout the session and report it via the activities reporter.

Major RS Victory: The RS overwhelmed and silenced Titan’s outer picket forces before they were able to retreat. A resounding victory with very minimal casualties on the RS side. Defending Aurora will be easier next session.
Objective: At least four (4) unique people participate in at least three matches throughout the session and report it via the activities reporter. In addition, at least one (1) of the matches played during the session must include the larger-class capital ships (Corvette, GR-75, Gozanti, Raider-class, C-ROC, etc.)

V. Conclusion

To put it simply, business has picked up. An all out rush of activity from different platforms awaits us. For those familiar with the lauded history of the RS, the time has come to once again take up arms and show our skill, our talents, and our resolve. For those joining us we welcome you and present you with the opportunity to make your mark, to cooperate and compete with some of the best and brightest, be active, and most importantly, have fun.


Rebel Squadrons High Command

ADM Cyrel Vandroth
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
Contact the Fleet Commander

VA Kirghy Lommax
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer
Contact the XO

FA Michael Raven
Rebel Squadrons Logistics Officer
Contact the LO


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