Rebel Squadrons

A New Beginning

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 15, 2018
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A New Beginning

Licah stood rooted in place, stunned by the message he saw on his personal comlink. "I'm done," Cyrel's message said simply, along with a few instructions for keeping the chain of command going. The man who had served as the leader of Republic Shield a long time now, in his second stint and surpassing all other recent leaders in his ability to effectively lead the fleet, had decided to step away.

This would mean great changes for Republic Shield. Cyrel had set the course for the fleet for what had felt like forever, and now he had stepped away. No words or formal ceremony would ever prove worthy enough to recognize Cyrel for all he had done, but everyone knew that his will alone had kept the entire fleet operational at many times during this period of difficulty in combat. Without this man, everyone doubted whether the fleet could have subsisted. And now the fleet would have to do so without his helming the flagship.

As RS Executive Officer, it fell on Licah to take over the fleet mid-mission in an acting capacity. He immediately responded to Cyrel's message to thank him for his service, and checked in with the other members of High Command, the legends known as Raven, IronMan, and Colonel CrazyCarl. The top brass held several emergency meetings amongst themselves while the battles raged on in nearby sectors. After much discussion, High Command made the decision to officially give Licah charge of the fleet and serve as the next RS Fleet Commander. CrazyCarl, known to all pilots of the fleet as the chief tactician of the flight missions, began a new role as the next RS Executive Officer. Fleet Admiral Cody Qel-Droma accepted Licah's invitation to rejoin High Command. Finally, Licah received news which made him overjoyed: Cyrel would stay in communication and serve as the fifth and final member of High Command.

The tasks which lay in front of the newly appointed command staff seemed daunting. It became clear to Licah that Cyrel had done countless and myriad tasks behind the scenes, of which few officers even had an inkling. He rolled up his sleeves and began to work. It would prove an interesting time ahead, between CrazyCarl and "Crazy" Licah Fox!

Message from Licah

It brings me tremendous joy to have the chance to serve as your commander once again. I last served as RSFC in 2006, which feels like forever ago! I would not have stepped into this position without Cyrel's stable and firm leadership, and I thank him once again for his ability to keep the ship righted and afloat. If you need any proof of his service, simply read the testimonials from High Command two months ago:

I plan on serving in this position for quite some time, and I would love to hear your thoughts about the future of the RS. You can find me on Discord or on email. I look forward to a lively, fun Rebel Squadrons in the coming months.

Appointment Notes

- FA Cyrel Vandroth resigned from the RSFC position on Wednesday, April 11.
- HC voted for FA Licah Fox to become the next RSFC, with the final vote occurring on Friday, April 13.

Official appointments as of Sunday, April 15 include:
- RSFC: FA Licah Fox
- RSXO: COL CrazyCarl
- HC Alderman: FA Cyrel Vandroth
- HC Alderman: FA Cody Qel-Droma (David "Danny Lee Japan" Qatar)

Fleet Admiral Licah Fox
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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