Rebel Squadrons

State of the Rebel Squadrons, May 18, 2019

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, May 18, 2019
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

May 18, 2019

I. Foreword
II. Results
III. Recognition and Awards
IV. Roster Updates
V. Mission Briefing
VI. Mission Objectives and Activities
VII. Conclusion

I. Foreword

Greetings Rebel Squadrons officers! Welcome back to the State of the Rebel Squadrons.

The Titan is pushing in towards our home base of Greeop, it is time to rally and stop this invasion before it can wipe out the heart of the RS!

II. Results from Hammerfall – Operation: Gatekeeper

Writing - Major Victory - Lines between Baphomet and Greeop have been solidified.

Simming - Defeat - Titan forces retain control of the Bethlamore system.

XWA - Stalemate - Imperial forces have been driven away from the Baphomet hyperspace relay station, however the RS presence remains too weak to be able to retake control of it.

Minis - Major Victory - RS forces have opened and sustained communications with Bethlamore, though under heavy pressure. They have concrete details on what they’re fighting and can remain updated on the changing situation.

III. Recognition and Awards

The highest rank of the Rebel Squadrons, Fleet Admiral, has been bestowed on an extremely select few officers in the history of the club, and it represents acknowledgement of many years' worth of dedicated and skilled service. After a unanimous vote, symbolic but important due to its recognition by all, High Command hereby bestows the rank of Fleet Admiral on Lucas Benoit-Stark, known to all as IronMan. Congratulations, IM!!

1LT Ceradan Jade, it is my honor to inform you that the High Command has seen fit to promote you to Captain for services and leadership, congratulations!

Cadet Soryn Inek, welcome, and congratulations on your first promotion to Lieutenant junior grade! You will receive more promotions as you continue to keep up the good work.

Admiral Tyrell "Spokes" Borran has hit 1,000 consecutive days on Warframe, amazing! We hereby award you the New Republic Medal of Honor for this feat.

Further accolades are due to FA Danny “David Lee Japan” Qatar as the session’s overall Top Gun with 20 points, and runner up ADM Lucas Benoit-Stark with 15 points.

Also congratulations to Resurrection Squadron as the top scoring squadron for this session with 47 points. Red Dagger came in second with 20, and Diamond third with 13. Well done troops!

IV. Roster Updates

First and foremost a hearty welcome to our newest recruits:

Cadet Malta Barr
Cadet Agetian
Cadet Targ

The RS High Command welcomes you to our ranks, please make sure to introduce yourselves to the rest of the organization on Discord and start asking around about which squadron you will be placed in. May the Force be with you!


Congratulations and thanks are due to CPT Ceradan Jade as he takes on the role of CO for Diamond Squadron! If you are interested in helping serve as his XO, please contact him, as that position is currently vacant.

The Command Staff

The Rebel Squadrons Command Staff consists of all of the members of the RS who have chosen to devote a portion of their time and energy into providing content for the rest of the RS to enjoy. They are the only method in which a member of the RS can earn a Level Two promotion, i.e. to Brigadier General and above.
Command Staff Positions Open!

Academy CO The academy squadron is in need of a new commanding officer! The Academy CO is responsible for monitoring new applications for membership into the RS, placing the cadet in the Academy squadron, showing them the ropes in the RS, and encouraging activity.

Operations Officer We are still looking for someone interested in taking on the role of Operations Officer! It’s a critical role for the smooth operation of events in the RS, but we encourage anyone regardless of experience to apply. We’re happy to show you the ropes, all you have to bring to the table is a desire to improve the RS for everyone and a willingness to put in the effort.

Internet Office Do you have any experience with web development, or want to learn? Our website needs YOU! The RS is desperately seeking any volunteers who would be willing to work on our website. The poor thing is showing its age, and needs some TLC to keep it modern if only to incorporate our recent changes to the scoring systems. Contact Licah or Joshua Hawkins for details.

V. Mission Briefing for Hammerfall – Paved in Blood

Office of the Fleet Commander
Rebel Squadrons Forward Command Center

The two Brigadier Generals stared at each other across the table for a long moment. Atlas Voor finally broke the silence: “And your still sure this is what you want to do?”

“Absolutely,” replied ‘Crazy’ Carl, “I’ve already cleared it with Admiral Fox. I’ve grown to understand why Wedge Antilles turned down all those promotions for so long. I can’t be in two places at once, and where I’m needed most is on the flightline. We need more pilots, and we need to keep those pilots alive longer, and I can directly help accomplish that. But I CAN’T manage that whenever I’m stuck here being Fox’s lackey, which is why I’m handing that off to you instead. From here on out, you’re acting XO.”

“Alright then,” replied Atlas, “if that’s the way you want it, where do we start?” He returned his eyes back down to the holotable, and drifted across the various areas of contention: Bethlamore, Eloria, Minos, Aurora, Subterrel, and finally settled his gaze on the newest area of contention: the Cadrel Expanse. He finally asked, “It’s Elenian that the most recent reports came from, correct?”

“Yes, it would seem that our old friends, the Emperor’s Hammer group, are starting to probe around out there again. If they continue the belligerence, it’ll mean a second front for our fleet, in addition to Titan engagements. As for the Titan forces, we’ve contracted that front and concentrated our forces sufficiently that Titan now only has one option: to come after us at Greeop. We’re expecting the blow to land sooner rather than later, so we can’t divert much out to Cadrel until that happens.”

As if on cue, Fleet Admiral Licah Fox strode into the room at that moment. Both men immediately pull themselves up from hunching over the holotable and straightened to attention. “Look alive boys, our forward recon units have spotted the Titan fleet. She’s indeed on her way here, and we expect arrival within two days’ time. This is it, so let’s make sure our defences are as prepared as they can be, and may the Force be with us; this is going to be one serious fight for survival!”

VI. Mission Objectives and Activities

Legacy/Multiplayer - Hammerfall: Paved in Blood
Overseeing Officer: CrazyCarl

In addition to the Titan offensive, we are seeing an increase in activity in Imperial activity from the Emperor’s Hand in the RS border regions of the Cadrel Expanse. Any troops not actively involved in the defence of Greeop against the upcoming Titan strike should consider volunteering to help investigate and probe this Imperial activity out in the Expanse.

Participant Overall Objective: Play any multiplayer game, specifically together with another RS or EH member. Recommended games include: XWA, XvT, Minis, BF2 (old) BF2 (new), and Overwatch, though any other game you wish to play is fine too. 1 point for any multiplayer match submitted and 3 points for any match submitted that is played together with another RS or EH member.

X-Wing Alliance - Hammerfall: Paved in Blood
Overseeing Officer: CrazyCarl

With the loss of Bethlamore and Tarsonis, the Titan is pressing her advantage and preparing for a strike at the heart of the RS in Greeop. However with the recent evacuations the RS forces in the system are now bolstered, giving us the opportunity to be able to absorb or possibly even turn the attack. . .

Participant Overall Objective: Download the mission from: and rename to 1B1M1G.tie and place it in your Xwing Alliance/MISSIONS folder (first backing up the original 1B1M1G.tie file). Enter the game and in the simulator play Battle 1 Mission 1. This will launch the downloaded mission. Take a screenshot with your individual score at the end and submit the report to the RS XWA activities section.

Individual Scoring: Individual scoring (out of 10) to be based on mission score and on the number of players participating in the objective.

RS Defeat: Less than 3 individual mission reports submitted - The Titan obtains space superiority in Greeop.

Stalemate: 3-4 reports submitted - The brunt of the Titan attack is absorbed, but little to no damage is done to the enemy, and the remain poised to be able to strike again.

Minor RS Victory: 4-5 reports submitted - The Titan is damaged during her assault and the RS forces now have a opportunity for a counterattack!

Major RS Victory: 6 or more reports submitted - The RS manages to destroy the Titan during the assault!

Star Wars Miniatures Games
Objective: The Path to Bethlamore is Paved in Blood
Overseeing Officer: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar

Objective Instructions:

Communications with Bethlamore have remained open due to your intrepid and brave exploits in space, but we have been rebuffed left and right in attempts to physically re-link. We have to find Titan's weaknesses and exploit them.

Tabletop Games (X-Wing Miniatures, Armada, Imperial Assault, Legion, etc.):

Instructions - Members of the Rebel Squadrons can submit reports for any of the various Star Wars tabletop games or their emulators (Vassal, Tabletop Simulator, Fly Casual, etc.). If applicable, RSers that submit a report of a single player match vs. an AI opponent (e.g., via Fly Casual) will receive 1 point per reported match. RSers that play a live or online match against a non-RSer will receive 3 points. RSers that report matches against other RSers will receive 3 points per reported match plus 2 points extra to the winning RSer (5 max). The end results will be tallied and scaled to a 10-point scale.

As an added bonus this month: Though not really canonical, I encourage pilots to continue playing out of their element. Extra point per match rewarded this month for using the Republic or Separatist factions in your match.

All reports must include proof of playing matches via screenshots or photos.

Individual Scoring: End of session points will be scaled across a 10-point scale and winners ranked.

RS Defeat: Less than 25 matches played during 3 months of the session. Fictional Outcome: RS forces completely rebuffed in attempts to probe Titan and find route into Bethlamore.

Stalemate: Between 25 to 40 matches played during 3 months of the session. Fictional Outcome: A major weakness has been found in Titan's lines. It feels too good to be true. Is it a trap?

Minor RS Victory: 41 to 60 matches played during the 3 months of the session. Fictional Outcome: Some weaknesses in the Titan lines found, but these can be easily reinforced and still promise a hard campaign ahead.

Major RS Victory: Over 60 matches played during the 3 months of the session. Fictional Outcome: A major weakness has been found in Titan's lines. If we can act, it could put us in a prime position to capitalize on it and begin the liberation of Bethlamore.

Simming - Paved in Blood
Overseeing Officer: IronMan

The state of Bethlamore remains shrouded in mystery, its cries for help stifled as Titan envelopes the planet under its grasp. With no idea of the sheer magnitude of Titan's forces in the planet, and with the Imperial organization within reach of Greeop, Sentinel must gather Intel on the state of the planet, establish contact with allies, and discover a means to regain Bethlamore. UNTIL A MINOR VICTORY IS ACHIEVED, ALL SIDE PROJECTS AND BUSINESS ARE SHUT DOWN DUE TO TITAN OCCUPATION ON THE PLANET.


Participant Overall Objective: Restore control of the Redemption, then venture into the Baphomet system and search for allies and information on neighboring planets.

Individual Scoring: Based on the number of points earned by duration and based on the number of submissions, simmers will receive a score of 1-10 based on individual participation lengths earned through simming or GMing a sim. (Highest receives 10, lowest receives 1, rest is divided accordingly). After participating in at least one sim, submit a report to this objective linking their activity profile with evidence they have participated in at least one sim (e.g.

RS Defeat: A means into Bethlamore will remain hidden, and as such, the next mission will result in a significant amount of resistance on the system as any attempt to retake the planet or stifle its forces will have a direct, overt approach.

Stalemate: The ABG and its forces will have no access to any planet on the Baphomet System to nestle forces in preparation for an attack. The ABG may be able to mount minimal forces to aid in the possible invasion of Titan, but with Titan patrol throughout the entire system, heavy losses are imminent. An attack from this distance will give Titan considerable time to mount a defense.
Objective: Complete the restoration of the Redemption arc. In addition, at least 60 hours of total sims reported. ((3 characters + 1 GM count as 4 hours per every hour they participate.))

Minor RS Victory: The ABG will establish contact and possible assistance on the farthest orbit in the system, Mormo, a gas giant for the Baphomet system. As it is the farthest orbit, chances of Titan discovery remain possible, but slim. Some information on Titan's hold will be revealed for the ABG and the RS to use at their disposal, however, the sheer size of the mining city will prevent about 40% of forces from fully settling in the system. While concealed at a safe distance, the length of the journey to Baphomet will give Titan a somewhat favorable amount of time to mount defenses.
Objective: 100 Hours of sims reported, 5 hours of character sims reported and/or major objective completed in any GM's campaign.

Major RS Victory: With considerable efforts in concealing their efforts, and with the assistance of contacted allies within the system, the ABG is able to nestle and establish a considerable amount of forces on Bethlamore's neighboring planet, Eden. In doing so, the ABG and the RS are able to establish about 75% of their forces without issue. In addition, in such a clear distance, the ABG and the RS is able to gain considerable Intel and multiple avenues into Baphomet for a counter-offensive. Any strike from this distance will catch Titan off guard, and give the RS a preemptive strike.
Objective: 175 hours of simming reported. At least 1 member successfully takes their aGM, GM, SGM tests OR at least 10 unique players participate in a sim during the session.

Fiction - Hammerfall: Paved In Blood
Overseeing Officer: IronMan

With a general overview of the dire situation facing Bethlamore, the Republic Shield must enter the heart of enemy territory in the form of Bethlamore, a former haven for democracy and freedom, now under Titan occupation. With a possible contact on planet, an insertion group will venture into the planet, undetected, with the hopes of finding out the condition of the planet. Deep inside enemy territory, the risks of discovery are high. Only through a successful infiltration can the Republic Shield assess their enemy and formulate a plan of attack.

Participant Overall Objective: In a fiction based story, RS forces will work together towards a common goal: infiltrate the Imperial occupied planet of Bethlamore and extract as much information to report to High Command in regards to Titan’s occupation and the state of missing allies.

Individual Scoring: IronMan will once again GM the story. Scoring will take place based on the number of post per each session. There will be 3 major phases, one for each month. If that requirement is met, then the total words from posts will be tallied. Extra points will be given for joint posts or creative/witty actions, and whether or not objectives have been met. (Joint posts will share the number of words in the posts). Bonus points will be factored in for creativity, humor, and joint posts among peers.

RS Defeat: The insurgency group is discovered, and will fight to escape enemy lines or face possible capture.

Stalemate: Some information on the state of Bethlamore is revealed, although the RS infiltration will be met with resistance on its escape. Few allies on planet will be discovered, but none will provide assistance on a means of escape or contact with Republic Shield forces, which may lead to opposition on exit.
Objective: At least 5 unique post will take place for each phase of the thread (15 total). Joint post between several individuals will count as multiple post depending on the number in said post.

Minor RS Victory: General information on the state of Bethlamore is revealed, including a summary of enemy forces on planet and in Bethlamore orbit. Allies in hiding on planet will be discovered, and some will provide assistance on a means of escape or aid in maintaining the stealth mission. This will facilitate a possible means of escape.
Objective: Stalemate objectives. In addition, at least one (1) joint post must take place AND/OR at least two (2) post must be over 500 words per each phase.

Major RS Victory: Ample information on the state of Bethlamore is revealed, including past, present, and future targets for political assassination, the extend of Titan’s hold on the planet, and the full extent of influence they may have on the entire system. More noted allies will be discovered, and many will help facilitate the stealth mission, even at the expense of their own lives. A feasible means of escape with very little resistance and opposition will essentially be guaranteed.
Objective: Stalemate objectives. In addition, one (1) joint post must take place AND/OR one (1) post must be over 1,000 words per each phase.

VII. Conclusion

We've got some ideas cooking up for the next few sessions, but as always, please feel free to share your ideas. And stop by Discord to hang out with many of the members of the Rebel Squadrons. Till next time!


FA Licah Fox
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
Contact the Fleet Commander

BGN ‘Crazy’ Carl
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer
Contact the Executive Officer

Rebel Squadrons High Command


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