Rebel Squadrons

State of the Rebel Squadrons, June 6, 2020

By FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jun 06, 2020
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

June 6, 2020

I. Foreword
II. Results
III. Recognition and Awards
IV. Roster Updates
V. Mission Briefing
VI. Mission Objectives and Activities
VII. Conclusion

I. Foreword

To members of the Rebel Squadrons, new and old, welcome to another edition of the State of the Rebel Squadrons. As always, this newsletter provides information on the activities and results from our Interactive Tour of Duty (ITOD), as well as rewards for those individuals and squadrons who have gone above and beyond in their participation. In addition, the newsletter will inform you, the members of the Rebel Squadrons, about the next phase in our next ITOD adventure.

For this session that began on Sunday, June 1st, we will have fiction, simming, X-Wing Alliance, special directives, and will also include the first edition of our FPS objective. This session will run through August 3st, 2020.

Our ITOD and its results have a direct effect on the fictional study involving the soldiers, pilots, and heroes of the Rebel Squadrons. Therefore, the more you all participate and meet objectives for each platform, the more favorable the outcome. In addition, individual accolades for participation, high scores, and feats will also receive recognition. As we offer a lore that is second to none, I encourage you all to read about the Titan Conflict, expertly written by Michael Raven, at our Wiki page:

As a reminder, our central social activity takes place on Discord. The link to the Rebel Squadrons Discord server can be found here:

II. Results from Hammerfall – Shattering Strike

Overall - Minor Victory

Through grit and determination, RS forces have managed to board the SSD Titan, and are working to damage critical systems and give the rest of the fleet a chance to finish the Super Star Destroyer. RS forces have thus far fought hard, inflicting greater casualties on Titan Forces than they've received, trading lives and ships to buy themselves time to finish the beast. With critical systems failures mounting aboard the 19 kilometer dreadnought, she suddenly became vulnerable.

Special Directive - RS Defeat
Coordination between disparate units has been lackluster in the face of the overwhelming odds on the battlefield. The loss of the Reliant has further hampered operations, but RS forces are making up for it in other areas.
MVP - Markus Jarnhann of Resurrection Squadron

Fiction - Major Victory
Some of the RS's best pilots have gotten in the fight, even as the unsung heroes of Zealot and other commands have boarded the Titan. The fighting is fierce, but the tide is turning.
MVP - Markus Jarnhann of Resurrection Squadron

Simming - Minor Victory
Teams of Allegiance operatives and Sentinel Commandos have boarded the Titan, and are in the midst of causing havoc aboard the Super Star Destroyer. Progress in the face of the odds is slow, but considerable damage has been inflicted at great loss of life in the process.
MVP - Michael Raven of Resurrection Squadron

Minecraft - Minor Victory
Teams of RS Combat Engineers have successfully established a fallback position in the event that Tarsonis should fall. The fight can continue on.
MVP - Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance of Diamond Squadron

X-Wing Alliance - Major Victory
The combat hardened, elite veterans of the RS's fighter squadrons, along with their allies have been able to establish superiority over enemy fighter craft, and are giving much better than they've been getting.
MVP - Lmaokai88 of Red Dagger Squadron

III. Recognition and Awards

FA Lucas Benoit-StarkRS ITOD Top Gun by scoring the most individual ITOD points. Congratulations, Stark!

BGN Rhuryc has clinched the RS Activity Top Gun by earning the most leaderboard points. Congratulations, Rhuryc!

The active participants of Resurrection Squadron have earned the RS Top Squadron medal for their efforts in leading all other squadrons. Congratulations are in order to RZA!

The following officers have earned the Citation of Victory for leading their respective objectives:
Markus Jarnhann x2
Michael Raven
Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance

CDT Tucker Northcote has met the Academy requirements and has been promoted to LJG. Congratulations!
LCL McGrath, for your activity, and general sense of good humor, you are hereby promoted to Colonel. Congratulations!
CMDR Dismal Dupar for continuing to be a shining example of excellent roleplay, and your outstanding activity, you are hereby promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations!
BGN Rhuryc for your excellent storylines as a GM, to your continued system work in the RPG manual, you continue to serve as an outstanding role model for the simming crew, and are hereby promoted to Major General. Congratulations!
BGN JcMcGoo for continuing to host the Minecraft server, and dedication to facilitating the platform for the members of the RS, you are hereby promoted to Major General. Congratulations!
MGN Markus for his work in multiple platforms including simming, fiction, and the special directives along with organizing and overseeing the swift assignment of objectives by the TFLs. As such, you are promoted to Lieutenant General. Congratulations!

The following members have earned these medals for their work and dedication the club

Rhuryc - Dagger of Courage - For GMing like crazy, and significant work in assisting with the manual and rules updates, MGN Rhuryc is additionally awarded the Dagger of Courage
Anton Nels - Alvace Star - For his outstanding mission, which directly contributed to bringing a host of activity to XWA, Anton is awarded the Alvace Star.
JcMcGoo - Alvace Star - For hosting the Minecraft server and contributions there as a whole, JC is additionally awarded the Alvace Star.
Cyrel - Iridium Spire - for his significant work as the simming HGM, and resurrecting the raffle, Cyrel is hereby awarded the Iridium Spire.
IM - Dagger of Courage - For IM's dedication to the club, willingness to lend a hand to anyone and everyone, and to try new and different platforms, IM is awarded the Dagger of Courage.
Markus Iridium Sphere - The medal is awarded for contributions to the RS in encouraging interaction between members whether through cooperation or collaboration. Markus’ work in organizing and rejuvenating the Fiction section along with his invaluable help as Operations Officer has earned him this award. Congratulations Markus and keep up the good work!
Raven - Kessel Cup - For continued excellence in work on the wiki, the club-wide fiction, and for another outstanding IFH, Raven is awarded the Kessel Cup.

In addition to these medals, Fleet Admiral Michael Raven has nominated several members of the RS for their efforts, actions, and ingenuity involving the Titan Campaign. As such, these individuals will earn these honorable medals. The following medals and blurbs are presented by the Logistics Officer, Michael Raven

New Republic Medal of Honor

Cyrel Vandroth, Resurrection 2
Rhuryc, Red Dagger 9
Lucas Stark, Resurrection XO

Throughout the entirety of the Titan campaign, which in the ABG has been ongoing for the better part of half a decade, three individuals have time and time again met and exceeded expectations for participation, quality of RP, and their drive to continue the storyline and push forward. As such, I hereby submit their names for consideration for the New Republic Medal of Honor.

Cyrel, aside from myself, you more than anyone else participated and pushed forward the storyline more than any one individual character. Your continued high quality RP, understanding of the system, and desire to actually push forward the storyline and modify it as opposed to being passive are an inspiration and example for everyone to follow.

Rhuryc, prior to pretty much everyone’s break after the Lithra campaign, you more than anyone else actively attempted to modify the storyline of the Titan campaign, constantly challenging me to adjust things, adapt the storyline, and try to come up with new ways to deal with your ridiculous (and amazing) shenanigans. I had intended on making this recommendation ages ago, so… better late than never.

Stark, of the ‘new wave’ of ABG members, and returning older members; you have made every effort to jump forward as quickly as possible, with both feet, into our system and the storyline. A lesser award wouldn’t be appropriate in this circumstance, as the squadron leader of Sentinel, thrown into the position randomly, you quickly adapted to our way of doing things and though the storyline sent dozens of curveballs your way; you continually managed to adapt and overcome.

Without the efforts of these three members, the storyline would not have been as immersive, interesting, or dynamic as it was; and I feel they are all more than deserving of this recognition.

Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent

Eric Skrevski
Dismal Dupar, Red Dagger 2

Separating out the Titan campaign between Pre-and-Post Lithra, two members jump forward for their participation in each section of the campaign. Eric and Dismal have been bright examples for roleplayers and their interesting characters, engaging storylines, and contributions to our group cannot possibly be overlooked. These two have logged the most participation not receiving a NRMoH in these two phases of the campaign, and definitely deserve this recognition.

Combat Citation

For significant contributions in during the Titan campaign for participation, character development, storyline advancement, and all together awesomeness.

Markus, Resurrection 4
Koah, Red Dagger 3
Teu, Resurrection 9
Galen McGrath, Diamond 5
Sabriel Amastacia, Diamond Squadron XO
Darth Gumbo
Nicolai Ginofev, Red Dagger XO

Violet Cluster

For the loss of a character during the finale of the Titan Campaign on board the Titan herself.

Rhuryc, Red Dagger 9
Markus, Resurrection 4
Koah, Red Dagger 3

Merit Commendation

Sabriel Amastacia, Diamond XO

For SSSSS, you know what that means. :P


Congratulations everyone and keep up the good work.

IV. Roster Updates

Since the last newsletter, the following members have joined or rejoined our ranks:
CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance, Diamond 3
LCL Galen McGrath, Diamond 5
CDT Tucker Northcote, Diamond 8
CPT Jewlicat, Diamond 10
LGN Anton "Ups" Nels, Red Dagger 8
BGN Rhuryc, Red Dagger 9

The following members have been transferred to the reserves:
1LT coolcolt57, Red Dagger
MGN Kimiao Quinal, Red Dagger 9
LCM Gavin "Skyhammer" Devearoux, Red Dagger CO

Command Staff Openings
We are looking for someone to take the reins as Red Dagger Commanding Officer. This task entails the management of the activities of the squadron, as well as rallying the troops in participation through Emails, Discord, and ultimately, activity with its members. For further information, please contact Licah and/or IM for details.

We are in need of someone to serve as Academy CO, who will interact with all new members and help them through the process of becoming an active RS officer and showing them the ropes in various capacities. For further information, please contact Licah and/or IM for details.

Leadership positions are the only way to earn promotions to Brigadier General and higher. If you would like to help out with Command Staff work, but would prefer to assist an office rather than serve as the principal officer, send Licah a message to get started.

We are looking for a Task Force Leader in what would be the RS’ ITOD ground objective. This would encompass a rotation of several different First Person Shooter platforms based on a list selected by you, the members of the Rebel Squadrons. The duties for this position include assigning the mission objectives and parameters for the FPS platform, keeping score, determining mission outcomes, and determining the MVP of said event. If you also wish to provide feedback as to what you like, please complete the following survey listed:

With Anton Nels helming the XWA Mission Building, anyone else who is interested in lending him a hand in testing or mission creation should contact Anton for further assistance.

To strengthen the outreach of the Rebel Squadrons. Led by Ceradan Jade, we will form a strike team devoted to multiplayer PvP on a multitude of platforms against familiar and unfamiliar. The PvP division will focus primarily on PvP games involving the flight sims (XvT and XWA) along with any of the first-person shooters (Overwatch, Battlefront II, etc). If you are interested, please contact Ceradan, Licah, or IM for more information.

Additionally, if you've got graphics skills at all, please reach out. We have a few medals that need to be completed.

V. Mission Briefing for Hammerfall – Rising Dawn

On board the port side superstructure of the Super Star Destroyer [i]Titan[/i], Aurek Squadron, Sentinel Company slipped into the communication relay, tapping into the [i]Titan[/i] communication network. The group began work on their primary objective, the destruction of the comm station relay, but three more remained amidst a vessel armed with a force that outnumbered their group and the other Republic Shield insertion groups many times over. To add more cuts to the wound, Daniel Cross, the company’s resident medic lay in captivity deep within the heart of the ship where many soldiers, traps, and other obstacles lay in their wake.

Sterling Tyler, the smooth talking negotiator and playboy of Sentinel Company, pulled out his comm device and set the frequency to the fleet. “Sentinel to anyone. We have unrestricted access to listen on Titan’s communication network. Anything anyone wants to know before we gotta blow and run?”

“Standby,” came the response.

As command placed the hurried and harried Sterling on hold, he eavesdropped into a network of conversations filled with a multitude of orders and directives in response to the Republic Shield’s plucky tactics. After a moment of deep concentration, Sterling returned his attention to his comm. “Titan auxiliary command ship identified: [i]Chaos[/i]. Repeat, [i]Chaos[/i] is their backup command and control ship once comm arrays are down.”

“That’s good to know,” came the reply from the gravelly voice. “Hold on.” In the background, Sterling heard several screams before a wet squish popped his ears. “I’ll relay that. What are you planning on hitting next?”

“We’ve got a team member captured,” Sterling answered honestly. He disliked the thought of the good doctor in peril, but Titan’s history always involved wanton death and destruction. They weren’t known for keeping captives or taking surrender. “If his throat isn’t about to be ot slit, probably some stupid suicidal rescue plan. Center of the ship. Commando barracks, completely fucked. Alternatively, port c-missiles.”

The voice paused, dumbfounded. “”

“Split the party,” Sterling said. For as many times as that action proved disastrous, it occurred one more time in the heart of Titan.

A thwack of someone facepalming through his armor rang through the comms. “Tell me what the…[i]Eviscerator[/i] just got ordered to do.”

As Sterling listened for directives from the Imperial Star Destroyer II, Sabriel Amastacia, a bounty hunter employed by Sentinel lamented, “I have a rather bad feeling I may have just gotten Cross sputched.”

“Reinforcing the port side. Fighters to attack General Raven’s and the 501st Command Ships.” As the other line thanked Sterling for the information, he turned his attention to Sabriel. “He sputched himself, we didn’t blow the mission to save him. There are a [b]lot[/b] of lives that were lost just to us get here and a [b]lot[/b] more counting on us not to fail.” With that, he used his internal comms to check on Cross’ status while Sabriel regretted the futility of not saving everyone. Once satisfied with the current outcome, he gestured to the others. “Start blasting things.”

Thirty seconds of blaster fire versus the communication relay station rendered the electronics absolutely useless. In response, the voice asked, “Did you just take out the port side comms?”


“Okay, and repeat where,” he began, only for someone in the background to yell, “Oh God, my arm! Why my arm?” Sterling listened to the voice’s response. “I need your hand.” The voice addressed Sterling Tyler again. “Repeat, where are you going?” Screams behind the request bellowed in the background as the injured person yelled. Coldly, the voice on the comms turned his attention to the person in the background. “Give me that please.” He received more screams for an answer.

Sterling bantered with Sabriel for a bit about who served as the ranking officer. Katrila, a Farghul and the most recent member of Sentinel grew anxious for combat. “The motion passes. Let’s roll.” Sterling Tyler returned his attention to the comms “Port side concussion missile tubes.”

“Hrm. Acknowledged.” With a slight pause, the voice continued. “I’m literally on the opposite side of the ship, but there is an your area. I don’t know what we can do about your Medic friend, but I can try to see if there are any teams that are anywhere close.” The voice dropped a level but kept its same tone. “To be honest quite a few have gotten whacked.” Those words hung in the air like a thick fog that swallowed up all hope. Hundreds of transports swam towards the [i]Titan[/i]. Only two dozen made it through. So many lives lost in such a short time. Daniel Cross may become one of them.

The voice snapped him out of his daydream. “We’re down to moment...twelve teams? Maybe eleven. I can’t get in touch with one that I can still detect.”

“Well that sounds...grim,” he answered bluntly. Thinking of Cross’ state, he spoke honestly as they made their move. “If you’re able to help him out, that’d certainly make us feel less like assholes about leaving him to his fate.”

While he couldn’t see the voice, through its tone, he imagined whomever was behind it staring at him incredulously. “Do you want me to be frank with you?” he asked Sterling.

Again, a voice cut in the background, blurting in between their conversation. “Why my arm?” A console went off, and the pained person screamed his displeasure. “I could have done that for you!”

“You shot at me,” said the voice to the third wheel addressing him like a disobedient child that interrupted a conversation between grown folks.

“I missed!” the anguished voice yelled. Then, Sterling heard a thwack. “Did you just smack me with my own hand?!”

Even through the calamity on board the [i]Titan[/i], it was clear that some of the Republic Shield, some of the Allegiance Battle Group took desperate measures in order to see the day won. Sterling would have laughed, had the question from the superior officer hung in his head. “Hardly seems like the time to be coy,” Sterling muttered, before he caught his aloof statement to a higher ranking officer and made his way towards the lift, and into the maw of the beast. “Sorry sir, certain death scenarios are new to me.”

The voice weighed in on the severity of the mission and the critical nature of the [i]Titan[/i] and its destruction. If the ominous nature wasn’t evident, the voice made sure to let Sterling Tyler know. “Even [b]I[/b] am going nowhere near the center of the ship.” With all the heroes of the Republic Shield, if doubt crept on even the boldest and the bravest, then many more lives, inside and out, would be lost in the name of democracy.

VI. Mission Objectives and Activities

D6 Roleplay Objective

With the tide turning in favor of the Republic Shield, the Allegiance Battle Group has been deputed with the task of cutting Titan off by the roots. In order for any other Imperial Remnants to rise in power, the ABG will move into the Baphomet System, addressing any possible stragglers that may take advantage and rise into a formidable threat.

Participant Overall Objective: Participate in Sims! Submit to this objective a summary of one of your sims. Better yet, put it on the forums (bonus credit) and provide a link to the forum post.

Individual Scoring: 70% of your score will be based on participation as determined by your leaderboard points in Simming and GMing. 30% of your score will be based on your summary, which is judged based on length and quality.

RS Defeat: The escaping remnant disappears into the cover of the galaxy, and the ABG trail goes cold, leaving Bethlamore prone to surprise attacks. Due to spending resources in regaining the trial, businesses and side projects have their gains reduced by 50% for the next session.

Stalemate: The Allegiance Battle Group clears out enemy threats on Bethlamore, but gain no substantial leads. Participants in the ITOD receive 2 CP.
Objective: At least 800 hours of total sims reported. ((3 characters + 1 GM count as 4 hours per every hour they participate.))

Minor RS Victory: The ABG receives two substantial trials leading to possible insurgents along the Baphomet System. The ABG neutralizes the two trails, however, there is little certainty as to whether or not any remain. Knowing that Bethlamore is secure, business picks up with little concern for another attack. Participants in the ITOD receive 1 FP and 3 CP.
Objective: 1,300 Hours of sims reported, 5 hours of character sims reported and/or major objective completed in any GM's campaign.

Major RS Victory: Able to trace the majority of the Titan remnants, the Allegiance Battle Group moves in and wipes out any remnants of Titan once and for all. With the entirety of Baphomet restored to a sense of normalcy, all gains from businesses and side projects are increased by 10% for the subsequent session. Participants in the ITOD receive 2 FP and 5 CP.
Objective: 1,600 hours of simming reported. At least 1 member successfully takes their aGM, GM, SGM tests OR at least 10 unique players participate in a sim during the session.

Ground/FPS Objective

On board the 19,000 meter-long form of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Titan, several strike teams navigate through the superstructure, clearing their way through the garrisons of stormtroopers, TFIRG soldiers, and other abominations created by the evil organization. The numbers clearly favor the Imperial organization; however, where numbers favor against the men and women of the Republic Shield, tactics and teamwork prove to be the ultimate equalizer. Only through careful coordination throughout the innards of the [i]Titan[/i] can the legion of fighters inflict enough damage to disrupt its operations.

Participant Overall Objective: The goal of this objective is to promote multiplayer activity between members of the Rebel Squadrons in [b]any[/b] FPS multiplayer platform as per the selections given by you, the members of the Rebel Squadrons. This includes co-op missions and games and/or versus games that revolve around the FPS genre.

Individual Scoring: Scores will be tallied based on times logged in and out of the platform. Screen shots, streams, and timestamps are permissible, but ultimately, scores will be submitted using the reporter on the Rebel Squadrons website.

RS Defeat: Little impact occurs on the [i]Titan[/i] and the Republic Shield is pushed back as Titan stormtroopers hold their ground and gain footing in critical areas as the RS suffers heavy casualties.

Stalemate: The Republic Shield forces Titan soldiers to retreat into critical areas on board the Super Star Destroyer, but those areas remain stalwart and the Republic Shield makes little impact. The RS makes an early retreat as the heavy casualties forces the abandonment of the mission.
Objective: 100 total hours played. 25 total hours with others Example: An hour game played amongst 3 RS members will constitute three total hours played.

Minor RS Victory: The Republic Shield forces 50 percent of the Titan soldiers to defend the Shield Relays, allowing the heroes easier access to the Concussion Launchers along the PORT, AFT and the STARBOARD section. This extends the mission and allows push around the ship but not into its center as numbers dwindle.
Objective: 200 total hours played. 50 total hours among and with other RS members.

Major RS Victory: Due to the strength of the push, most of the Titan soldiers retreat to the center of the Super Star Destroyer, allowing easier access to the Concussion Launchers and most importantly, the Shield Relays along the PORT, AFT, and STARBOARD sections. Heavy casualties remain, however, the retreat facilitates evacuations upon mission successes.
Objective: 300 total hours played. 100 total hours among and with other RS members.

Fiction Objective

The Republic Shield boarding teams are locked in a violent battle on the 19,000 meter-long Executor-class Star Dreadnought Titan, while the RS’s best pilot tangle with thousands of Imperials starfighters, dozens of Imperial I, and Imperial II-class Star Destroyers, and hundreds of support ships. While the brave pilots and commando have found success getting aboard the massive vessel and in the skies above it, the fight is far from over. Failure now would doom the Republic Shield.

Participant Overall Objective: In a fiction based story, RS forces will work together towards a common goal: Destroying the Executor-class Star Dreadnought over Tarsonis and repelling the Titan fleet.

Individual Scoring: IronMan/Codyman will GM the story. Scoring will take place based on the number of posts per each session. There will be 3 major phases, one for each month. If that requirement is met, then the total words from posts will be tallied. Extra points will be given for joint posts or creative/witty actions, and whether or not objectives have been met. (Joint posts will share the number of words in the posts). Bonus points will be factored in for creativity, humor, and joint posts among peers.

RS Defeat: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!

Stalemate: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: At least 5 unique posts will take place for each phase of the thread (15 total). This must be done for two out of the three months. Joint posts between several individuals will count as multiple posts depending on the number of individuals involved in said post.

Minor RS Victory: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: Stalemate objectives must be met for all three months. In addition, at least one (1) joint post must take place AND/OR at least two (2) posts must be over 500 words per each phase.

Major RS Victory: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: Minor Victory Objectives. In addition, there must be at least (1) post over 1000 words per each phase.

Special Directive

With the battle against the Super Star Destroyer Titan moving at a fever pitch, and the situation rapidly changing and constantly in flux, information is king. Knowing when and where to apply pressure against the Titan and her forces will allow High Command to appropriately challenge the behemoth vessel, and ultimately help to bring her down.

Participant Overall Objective: Report your activities! Submit an ITOD report for any activity in which you participate. Additionally, get out there and try different things within the club! There's a lot of good stuff going on all over the place.

Individual Scoring: Your ITOD score will be based off of the ITOD reports you file this session. Each player submitting a report will receive a point for a single report, and an additional bonus point for each activity in which you report. (IE: report 1 activity for 1 point, 2 activities for 3 points, 3 activities for 5 points, etc.) Each new activity that you report will also net you an additional bonus point. Reporting on the Special directive will also net you an additional bonus point.

RS Defeat: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!

Stalemate: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: At least ten players file an IOTD report by the end of the session.

Minor RS Victory: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: At least thirteen players file an ITOD report OR stalemate conditions are met and five players have submitted reports for multiple activities by the end of the session.

Major RS Victory: The results of the Battle of Tarsonis depend on your participation in this and all other objectives this session, good luck!
Objective: At least 16 players file an ITOD report OR stalemate conditions are met, and eight players have submitted reports for multiple activities by the end of the session.

VII. Conclusion

Things are looking up in the Rebel Squadrons. We have X-Wing Alliance rolling with new missions being created for those to play. We have a deep and robust simming division filled with creative and innovative leaders and fun immersive adventures. We have a Fiction division painting the story of our battle against [i]Titan[/i] along with telling their tales of bravery. We are now moving to include the ground division interested in the realm of first person shooters along with the creation of our competition team that will take on adversaries in multiplayer action. So take your pick in whatever activity that strikes your fancy and join along, as what this club has to offer is second to none.

On a more personal note- Stark, Markus and all of High Command, on behalf of HC would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to FA Licah Fox on the birth of his second child. Thanks for all you do to keep things running!

See you on the battlefield.

FA Licah Fox
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander

FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer

MGN Markus Jarnhann
Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer

Rebel Squadrons High Command


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