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The Rebel Squadrons Order of Battle Database is an information center on every ship and every class of ship at the Rebel Squadrons' disposal. You will find each ship and each ship class has an extensive description of information such as a ship's name, class, manufacturer, Fleet, units stationed aboard, size, crew capacity, weapons, armor, speed, and more.

The creation of this database was a combined effort of many members of the Rebel Squadrons. The project's origins, however, can be found in early 2001 when the then Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer, Rahj Tharen, was commissioned by the Fleet Commander, Dave Trebonius-Astoris, to compile an RS Order of Battle listing of each RS Fleet's ships in Word format. However, this concept later evolved into the complex database you see today. Completed in February of 2003, the following people (respectively Fleet Commander, Executive Officer, and Internet Officer in Feb. '03) played a major role in the completion of this project:

Fleet Admiral Licah Fox also took several hours on Labor Day 2005 to bring the site coding up to the latest RS standards and fully operational again.

Fleet Admiral Joshua Hawkins also took several hours in 2006 to bring the site up to date.