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The Greeop Sector
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The Greeop Sector

  • SECTOR NAME: Greeop Sector
  • SYSTEM NAMES: Greeop System, Baphomet System
  • AGE: 5 billion years
  • GOVERNMENT: Rebel Squadrons/New Republic

    Troubling Times

    Several years after the Battle of Endor, the upper echelons of the New Republic military, while plagued with a number of other problems, became aware of a weak spot on the rim of New Republic holdings. Their situation, and even the continued existence of the New Republic often looked worse than bleak. Admiral Ackbar and his forces were harried more often than not, and their losses were dire. The borders of the New Republic were expanding too rapidly to be properly protected. Such was the case in the Greeop Sector.
    Disturbed by the presence of a powerful Imperial-equipped fleet along with the rumor of another Grand Admiral in the area, it was decided that the threat was too great to ignore. But spreading the attention of the master strategists, let alone the fleet itself, and thinner than it already dangerously was, would only spell disaster for the entire new government that the heroes of Yavin, Hoth and Endor had sought to build. Something had to be done, but the choices were few. Exceedingly few. Since Ackbar couldn't divide his forces any further, he gave orders to set up a secondary fleet. A fleet that would be nearly autonomous as quickly as possible and be charged with defending the long border that the Greeop Sector shared with Imperial space.

    The Rebel Squadrons Solution

    Admiral Ackbar had visited the area personally, and selected the Greeop System, the main hub of the entire Sector, for the fleet's home base, and christened the protecting units the "Rebel Squadrons." Its mission: to keep the Imperial threat neutralized in the Greeop System and the surrounding sector of space. Ackbar and the New Republic supported and supplied the battle fleet as best they could. Those who were first in charge of it, built the Rebel Squadrons up from amazingly little. But new places were found from which to draw supplies and fighters, most of which were cheap knock-offs of those from the Alliance.
    Trading protection from Imperial enslavement in a volatile sector to supply its needs, the Rebel Squadrons was soon able to enlarge its forces and spread beyond the bounds of a single fleet. To meet the very real and dangerous Imperial presence, the RS found itself the size of a battle group comprised of multiple fleets and began to establish its presence in the Greeop System and Baphomet System to fully secure the Sector.
    Based out of its headquarters on the world of Blerthmore in the Greeop System, the Rebel Squadrons continues as the New Republic's guardian of this part of the border against what is still considered Imperial space. While other battle groups take the fight to the heart of the slowly receding Empire, the Rebel Squadrons holds a vigilant watch over the Greeop System and the region of space surrounding it.
    The battle group stands continuously ready for any Imperial incursions into New Republic space, and watches after all New Republic interests in the area. Even though its orders are to hold the area in its charge, it exceeds those orders in that the border between is slowly shifting further into Imperial territory.

    Compiled by Jared Fallick/ Rahj Tharen of the Rebel Squadrons - July 30th, 2001. RS Origins content borrowed from David Parnell/ Dave Trebonious-Astoris and R.C. Miller/ Castor Efrata-Landis.