Rebel Squadrons
Individual Member Breakdown


Beginning date: 2021-06-01 - Ending Date:2021-12-31 23:59:59

Xortia Narfasu

Reporting for Wildcard Squadron

Single Player Breakdown

LCM Xortia Narfasu has not completed any SP activities.

Activity Breakdown

Simming Sessions

GM? Total hours/minutes Points Sim Name/Sim Reason
No3 Hours, 0 minutes12.02021-08-16: Geodeisc Plant Ship! The players manage to convince the first tree that they are willing and able to help the trees (1 FP earned!). Zelio murders an insect that tried to bite him to get away. Discussions with upset crewmates were had.
No2 Hours, 0 minutes8.02021-08-09: On the walk to the First Tree, the group discusses how to proceed... and takes a little break
No4 Hours, 30 minutes18.0Charsim! Liash's first sim since her
No3 Hours, 0 minutes12.0Geodesic ship. Confrontation! The Gard
No0 Hours, 15 minutes1.0Looking for 3, didn\'t have the creativity to run a one-shot.
No3 Hours, 15 minutes13.0Sept 6 belated update, the team worked to repair the geodesic dome and discover a cure for the insect\'s addiction.
No3 Hours, 0 minutes12.09/27: The group breaks the Jahan Xu\'s addiction to the sap with a chemical treatment, knocking them out of their feeding frenzy and giving the trees a chance. Then they actually manage to isolate the insect\'s disease and determine it is curable! Unfortunately, attempts to get more information out of the trees or convince the Jahan Xu to stop feeding while a cure is attempted both fail, and the geodesic dome makes the jump towards Albali prime.... with the interface Roht still aboard! The party persuades the research expedition to pursue!
No3 Hours, 0 minutes12.011/8: Competitive walking! The group lands on Albali prime and sets forth to investigate the source of the beacon.
No4 Hours, 0 minutes16.010/11 Charsim! Roland and Nox get reacquainted with Liash and Sabriel. Non-biblically, for a change.
Total points (before DR):104
Total Time played:26:0

Misc. Duration Sessions

Total hours/minutes Points Reason
Total points (before DR):

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