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Beginning date: 2021-04-01 - Ending Date:2021-05-31 23:59:59

Cyrel Vandroth

Reporting for Wildcard Squadron

Single Player Breakdown

FA Cyrel Vandroth has not completed any SP activities.

Activity Breakdown

Simming Sessions

GM? Total hours/minutes Points Sim Name/Sim Reason
Yes1 Hours, 45 minutes10.52019-04-13: Escape from the apartment maze! Sabriel rescues the governor of the Aurora Sector agriworld Droetis following his imprisonment by the local criminal kingpin Aostea Vohines. Similiarly rescuing a blaster technician, Roht Farengrier, they successfully made their escape and live to fight another day. ((Fulliron came up with aliases for our new dice bot, and gets credit!))
Yes2 Hours, 0 minutes12.0Salvage run!
Total points (before DR):22.5
Total Time played:3:45

Misc. Duration Sessions

Total hours/minutes Points Reason
Total points (before DR):

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