Rebel Squadrons

What is an ITOD?

An ITOD, or Interactive Tour of Duty, is how the RebelSquadrons advances a fictional storyline through the use of single-player missions. Depending on how a member performs in a mission, this may have consequences in how the next mission may play out. For example, in the X-wing game platform, suppose that the current mission is to escort a convoy through an asteroid field so that they can resupply a fleet in the next mission, ready for a battle. However, they get ambushed in the asteroid field. The player has to ensure that 50% of the convoy survives.

The result of the mission is the result of the mission on the pilot's first run of the mission i.e. without any repeats. You can replay the mission many times and improve your score and performance, but the first report is the one that counts for storyline purposes. To use the example above, say that the convoy doesn't lose a single ship. The next mission might be made a little easier as the convoy successfully arrived. On the other hand, the convoy may have suffered 66% casualties. This results in the next mission being harder as without the supplies, the fleet is depleted. Possibly even losing a ship as it has to fall back for resupply. Since many people fly a mission for one fleet or another, the overall performance of all the first-run reports determines the storyline outcome. For example, If 10 people flew and eight people failed to protect the convoy, then the convoy can be considered a loss.

This linked series of missions is not confined to a single game platform either. The Patriot Starfighter Group might be tasked with making a hit and fade attack on a space station, drawing off defenders and causing some damage. Then the Vigilance Starfighter Group comes in and destroys the weakened station and any remaining enemies. The VSG mission could be harder or easier depending on how the PSG mission played out by the pilots who flew it.

Prior to 2007, each platform (X-wing, TIE Fighter, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-wing Alliance, Empire at War) had their own individual and separate storylines and campaigns disconnected from the other platforms.

During 2006 this began to change, as the Patriot Battle Fleet (X-wing platform) absorbed Retribution Wing, the remnants of the TIE Fighter unit. This made for a campaign and story unified across two platforms, the first time this was successfully attempted (there were previous attempts years earlier, but they were unable to be sustained beyond a few missions). Later in the year the X-wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-wing Alliance units (Renegade Fleet and Intrepid Battle Group, respectively) merged into the Vigilance Starfighter Group. This resulted in the formation of a second campaign unified across two platforms. During the planning stages of this VSG campaign the Empire at War unit, Righteous Indignation Division, was added to the campaign, resulting in a three-platform unified ITOD. The Commando Division eventually joined the larger ITOD, forming a four-platform-wide unified tour.

As of 2007, there are three major storylines currently operating in the mainstream RS timeline:

  • The Subterrel Strike Force (SSF), which covers the X-wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power, X-wing Alliance, Empire at War, and Battlefront II platfroms (Vigilance Starfighter Group, Righteous Indignation Division, and Commando Division) and a series of connective narratives written by SSF Leader Michael Raven. This storyline details the campaign of vengeance that the strike force sent to the distant Subterrel Sector is undergoing, as they attempt to exact justice on the Imperial forces that struck at the heart of the RS in an unprecendented and devastating assault.
  • The Minos Investigation Group (MIG), which covers the X-wing and TIE Fighter platforms (Patriot Battle Fleet) and a series of connective narratives written by MIG Leader Josh Hawkins. This storyline details the investigative operation spearheaded by the PBF into disruption of civilian shipping in the Minos Cluster, which is eventually revealed to be of Imperial origin. The MIG is currently attempting to counter Imperial efforts in the region, to eventually reinforce the underdefended home RS territories.
  • The Greeop Defense Force (GDF), which consists of a series of narratives written by FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris. This storyline details the political and military climate of the RS territories with most of the RS fleet away on campaigns (SSF and MIG) in the aftermath of the brutal Imperial assault on the capital which has shook RS control in the region.
  • Task Force Republic Shield (RS), is the official name of the Rebel Squadrons, which is a New Republic task force. All operations taking place before the Subterrel Strike Force leaves RS space are classed as this (includes FC Narratives, and VSG/RID101). Instances referring to the RS as a whole may term it either Republic Shield or Rebel Squadrons depending on context.

The following is an outline of all recent missions included in the mainstream RS timeline: