Rebel Squadrons

Objective: The First Step (Historic Campaign) - On Wobbly Legs

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Overseeing Officer: FA Cyrel Vandroth

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

An old, slighted foe set Sentinel Company up for failure when they were lured back to Bethlamore under false pretenses. Seen engaging in vehicular combat in the streets of Aryid Hai, followed by reports of active shooting in a residential district of the city, the erstwhile heroes failed to engender much goodwill among the local populace. Most recently, the band had begun a raid on an apartment building held captive by a heinous drug lord that had commandeered the government of a planet in the Aurora Sector. With rumors already flying of slain civilians and general carnage. If they win the day, Sentinel could clear the air and reveal the liberation of the world from its corrupt shadow ruler, but first they must win the day.

In total, the Republic Shield failed to instill confidence and improve the Republic Shield/Allegiance Battle Group brand on Bethlamore. As a result, a breakdown of communications between the Rebel Shield and the Bethlamorian local government has occurred, and a vote to secede being brought up in the planet's ruling council is in the works.

Participant Overall Objective: Participate in Sims! Submit to this objective a summary of one of your sims. Better yet, put it on the forums (bonus credit) and provide a link to the forum post.

Notice: For this session, non ABG/RS RPG games can be counted! To receive ITOD credit, at least two RS participants must be involved and the game must either take place on the RS Discord OR be submitted with a summary of no less than 300 words posted to the forums. See the HGM to have them enter your participation time into the RPG system. ((You can still report activity not meeting this requirement as general activity, though!))

Individual Scoring: 70% of your score will be based on participation as determined by your hours of participation as measured by the leaderboard. 30% of your score will be based on your summary(ies), which is judged based on length and quality. ITOD participants who draft a summary receive up to 5 CP (this is not judged/ranked against other participants, all participants could earn the 5 bonus CP!).


  • Negative press influences the general public and the local government, leading to a vote of succession.
  • Participants in the ITOD earn 1 FP and 2 CP.
  • Objective: Less than 30 hours of total sims reported. ((3 characters + 1 GM count as 4 hours per every hour they participate.))

  • The vote for succession fails by one, but the Republic Shield’s public image remains damaged and viewed cynically.
  • Participants in the ITOD earn 2 FP and 10 CP.
  • Objective: At least 50 hours of total sims reported. At least two separate sim synopsis/summaries posted to the RS forums OR four summaries posted via submitted ITOD reports.

  • The vote for succession fails entirely, and a shift in viewpoint leads to a slight turn of favorability in favor of the Republic Shield.
  • Participants in the ITOD receive 3 FP and 25 CP.
  • Objective: 100+ hours of simming reported. At least 1 member successfully takes their aGM, GM, SGM tests OR at least 8 unique players participate in a sim during the session. At least two sim summaries posted to the RS forums OR six summaries posted via submitted ITOD reports.

MVP: The MVP of this session will be awarded a Super Spin on the 2021 RPG Prize Wheel.


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