Rebel Squadrons

Medals For Colonel Dismal Dupar

Symbol Name Fleet Category No. Held Reason
={TOP SQUAD}= RS Top Squadron (NEW) RS-Wide Accomplishment 2 Reason
-=(aGM)=- Assistant Game Master Patch RS-Wide Accomplishment 1 Reason
~]RSKC[~ Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
~*UC*~ Unit Commendation RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
-^†^- Dagger of Courage RS-Wide Commendation 2 Reason
=~-BP-~= Beginner's Path Master's Award RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
<=*=> Retired Unit Commendation RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
*I* 1-Year Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
**[R|I|D]** RID Medal of Excellence RID Commendation 1 Reason