Rebel Squadrons

Dagger of Courage

Awarded for going out of one's way to provide assistance to another member of the Rebel Squadrons to help complete a project, solve a problem or achieve a mission goal. This medal may be nominated by anyone and awarded by the RSFC, RSXO, High Command or any leader or club executive.

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Dagger of Courage
Dagger of Courage

CMDR Abi Ocopaqui - (More Information)
BGN Ace Farlander
RA Adam "Vender" Fene (x2)
GEN Anton "Ups" Nels (x3) - (More Information)
LCL Anubis - (More Information)
LCL Arloz Zaffro
MGN Bethan Leitbur
RA Boid Reaves
CMDR Calista "Kat" Fairbright - (More Information)
ADM Castor Efrata-Landis
COL Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade (x2)
CPT Ceradan Jade - (More Information)
MGN Chris Earthkeeper - (More Information)
CMDR Cole Landfarer
FA Cyrel Vandroth (x2) - (More Information)
CMDR Dagan Sgiath (x2)
GEN Damon Lightwind (x2) - (More Information)
FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar (x2) - (More Information)
LCL Darth Gumbo - (More Information)
FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - (More Information)
GEN Deltan Saviri (x2)
MGN Derik Bel Iblis
FA Dev (x3)
COL Dev Azzameen - (More Information)
COL Dismal Dupar (x2) - (More Information)
BGN Dylor
BGN Galic Mars - (More Information)
GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis - (More Information)
LCM Gavin Devearoux - (More Information)
MGN Gavin Phalon
COL Han Suul
RA Himm El-Syna (x2) - (More Information)
ADM Indiana Bridger (x2)
GEN Jake Blues
COL Jalen Ramz - (More Information)
COL Jan-lo Sunner
GEN Janet Skyy
LCL Jay Forerunner - (More Information)
COL Jeremiah Matthew
LGN Jon Anchorage
FA Joshua Hawkins - (More Information)
COL Kelron Jevix
MGN Kimiao Quinal (x3) - (More Information)
LCL Kino Pordyh
GEN Koah - (More Information)
CDT Krinsath Rollins Calthranus
RA Kyle Tobarn (x2)
RA Lamin Zykara - (More Information)
COM Leonard Cable - (More Information)
FA Licah Fox (x4) - (More Information)
COL Los Bennett
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark - (More Information)
MAJ Mace
MGN Mat Bizegar (x2) - (More Information)
RA Matt "Stallion" Williams
FA Michael Raven (x7) - (More Information)
CDT Nes "Crosshair" Nej - (More Information)
MGN Nicolai Ginofev - (More Information)
COL Nil Naara
FA Rahj Tharen (x2) - (More Information)
CMDR Rahm Nyko - (More Information)
MGN Rekio Corsair - (More Information)
CMDR Rekstar Rukilian - (More Information)
LGN Rhuryc - (More Information)
BGN Richo - (More Information)
MGN Sea Messi - (More Information)
ADM Shikkie Kaaran
FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn (x2) - (More Information)
COL Sigurd Pillar - (More Information)
BGN Stalker - (More Information)
LCL Terrak Jace - (More Information)
COL Teu Veld - (More Information)
VA Trace
LGN Trate Daxson (x2)
FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran (x2) - (More Information)
COM Wes Belden (x4) - (More Information)
CMDR Yaihi'l Beskar - (More Information)
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Excellency of Service
Unit Commendation
Tatooine Suns
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Burdine Cluster
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Alvace Star
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Citation of Victory
Merit Commendation


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