Rebel Squadrons

RgF Top Wing

This medal is retired.

Awarded to the reporting members of the top placing wing in the monthly ITOD mission.

Text Representation: {|^~W~^|}

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RA Adam "Vender" Fene (x7) - (More Information)
2LT Alan Shmeeshe - (More Information)
CMDR Alexxander Vandross (x3) - (More Information)
BGN Amplan Dayne (x3) - (More Information)
GEN Anton "Ups" Nels - (More Information)
LCM Arill Wiltker (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Asen (x5) - (More Information)
1LT Azuri MoonSong - (More Information)
CPT Billy Sunday (expelled) (x2) - (More Information)
1LT Black_Eagle - (More Information)
CPT Blair Burner (x3) - (More Information)
GEN Bluejay Farscape (x4) - (More Information)
MAJ Bo Wiseman - (More Information)
COL Bon Fel (x5) - (More Information)
1LT Bria Tharen (x2) - (More Information)
COL Brig Dolaree (x5) - (More Information)
CMDR Calista "Kat" Fairbright (x3) - (More Information)
LCM Carlos (x6) - (More Information)
CPT Carth (x2) - (More Information)
COL Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade (x8) - (More Information)
MGN Chris Earthkeeper (x3) - (More Information)
GEN Chris Horn "Kicks" (x8) - (More Information)
CPT Chrys Cortan (x4) - (More Information)
GEN Corran Horn Jr. (x6) - (More Information)
MAJ Corut Po'Col (x8) - (More Information)
CPT Cujo Haln *Retired* (x2) - (More Information)
MGN Dan Fengar - (More Information)
CMDR Daniel Rezmann - (More Information)
GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya (x4) - (More Information)
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk (x12) - (More Information)
COM David Vaughan (x3) - (More Information)
LCL Davin Ingram Kabak - (More Information)
COL Dev Azzameen (x11) - (More Information)
CMDR Dex Bogart (x3) - (More Information)
LGN Doth Raandu - (More Information)
1LT Durran T'Ors - (More Information)
2LT Dustin Soronoff - (More Information)
CMDR Dyl'jo'ban (x6) - (More Information)
2LT Eri Tylvana - (More Information)
LGN Eric Skrevski - (More Information)
2LT Ethan Destra - (More Information)
MAJ Felipe Zammit - (More Information)
MAJ Galactic Angel (x4) - (More Information)
CMDR Galvatron Bloodsabre - (More Information)
VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis (x12) - (More Information)
LCM Goon LeDouche - (More Information)
1LT Gunman - (More Information)
CMDR Guybrush Threepwood (x4) - (More Information)
1LT Han Sarganar - (More Information)
COL Han Suul (x3) - (More Information)
RA Harley Quinn (x8) - (More Information)
MAJ Hec Losame (x3) - (More Information)
CMDR Hermann (x3) - (More Information)
CPT J'or Boyér (x5) - (More Information)
COL Jack "Blazer" Barnes (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Jair Karredo (x3) - (More Information)
LGN James "Nightwolf" Davidson (x7) - (More Information)
1LT Janis Deiverion (x2) - (More Information)
GEN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle (x16) - (More Information)
MGN jcmcgoo (x7) - (More Information)
LCL jelf boom - (More Information)
COL Jeremiah Matthew (x2) - (More Information)
CPT Joe RedBlade - (More Information)
2LT John Pilla - (More Information)
CPT John Rayovac (x2) - (More Information)
CDT John Ricco (x2) - (More Information)
CMDR Johnny (x2) - (More Information)
LGN Jon Anchorage (x7) - (More Information)
MAJ Jotheb Tahn - (More Information)
1LT Jubei - (More Information)
1LT Juval Tiesler - (More Information)
2LT Kalurrachit - (More Information)
COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron (x3) - (More Information)
MAJ Keldar "Whisper" Wenn - (More Information)
LCM Kell Horn (x3) - (More Information)
CMDR Kem Chrosid - (More Information)
ADM Kirghy Lommax (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Koral (x6) - (More Information)
RA Lamin Zykara (x4) - (More Information)
COM Leonard Cable (x7) - (More Information)
FA Licah Fox (x11) - (More Information)
CDT Luke Starr (x2) - (More Information)
COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan - (More Information)
RA Matt "Stallion" Williams - (More Information)
MGN Max Cal (x3) - (More Information)
CPT Max Tallon - (More Information)
1LT MERLANCE - (More Information)
LCL Nils Sira-e.LXXIX - (More Information)
CMDR Olith Hesto - (More Information)
2LT Onyx Tenstorn (x2) - (More Information)
VA Patrick Blastfire (x5) - (More Information)
1LT Patryn Selant - (More Information)
GEN Phil DarkFire (x8) - (More Information)
COL Rahvin (x6) - (More Information)
CPT Rasori Lupumator (x3) - (More Information)
LCM Raven Arestar (x3) - (More Information)
MGN Rekio Corsair (x6) - (More Information)
COL Renan Darillia (x3) - (More Information)
FA Rensal Darklighter (x4) - (More Information)
COM Richard Gross (x4) - (More Information)
1LT Robert Freeson - (More Information)
GEN Sair Mandella - (More Information)
LJG Sentinel - (More Information)
BGN shaolin - (More Information)
ADM Shikkie Kaaran (x2) - (More Information)
2LT Shroomius - (More Information)
FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Talmer Krablaad (x4) - (More Information)
BGN Talon Starblazer (x5) - (More Information)
COL Tech Krill (x7) - (More Information)
LCL Teesu Braynok (x2) - (More Information)
2LT Tek - (More Information)
MAJ Tingar "Tiny" Miletus (x5) - (More Information)
BGN Topachea Nabbirie (x7) - (More Information)
1LT Torin Cloudhopper - (More Information)
LCM Trev Firestorm (x5) - (More Information)
LCL Triani Sovak (x2) - (More Information)
FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran (x12) - (More Information)
COM Wes Belden (x12) - (More Information)
2LT Wes Randen - (More Information)
1LT Wes Surber (x2) - (More Information)
MGN Xtremegene (x15) - (More Information)
CDT Zeratul - (More Information)
CMDR Zsinj (x2) - (More Information)

(Ret.) RFI Medal of Duty
(Ret.) RFI Medal of Security
(Ret.) RFI Medal of Skill
(Ret.) RFI Top Squad
(Ret.) RFI Top Wing
(Ret.) RgF Blade of Courage
(Ret.) RgF Corellian Moon
(Ret.) RgF Infinity Cluster
(Ret.) RgF Legion of Fury
(Ret.) RgF Medal of Valor
(Ret.) RgF Merit Pin
(Ret.) RgF Top Ace
(Ret.) RgF Top Squad


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