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IBG NL December 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Dec 11, 2004
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IBG NL December 2004

Here is the newsletter for December. You will find:

1. Staff stuff
2. ITOD 502
3. ITOD 503
4. Multiplayer
5. Medals and awards
6. Wrap up

Before I turn to the above mentioned, I'd like to say something about the recent discussion on the fleet merging thing. The details on what has happened in HC on this you can learn from Blasters post on the forums, so I'll not go into that now. I'd just like to tell you what I'm doing in this, and where I stand right now. First, I'll have a talk with Jon very soon. We need to talk a few things over, so that the IBG leadership doesn't mess things up for themselves. Then we'll have to look at our own fleet, and this will be an open process within the IBG, where everyone will get a chance to take part. How we'll do this I don't know exactly yet, but I think it's time for a critical look at how things work.
My own standing in the bigger question of a possible change in the club structure, is that I'm going to support that we look for a better way to take care of the flying units. No plan has been made yet, but the things discussed can be seen here:

As you'll see, I've been writing some stuff there. Look at that as parts of my thinking. I'm more positive to the idea of merging fleets now than what it may look like at the wiki. This just to indicate where I'm heading. I'll go into more details when I've talked to Jon. Feel free to ask me about this whole thing when you see me on IRC.

1. Staff stuff

I asked for applications to a few positions recently. I got a number of them, and you will have seen my mail about James being appointed as our new TO. He's also been given the position of Titan CO. The Requiem CO hasn't been decided upon yet, but I'm only waiting for a reply from one pilot before this will be decided.
Other things I've been talking about with various staff members recently include wether we should start using mods in XWA. There is an interesting thread on the IBG forum on this. Go check it out. Is this soemthing we should go deeper into? For the whole IBG? Or as an option for those interested?
Further, if we should try to revive the contact with that german club that contacted us in August/September with a question for a SP competition.
Else I want to mention that Spokes has just a couple of days ago been so kind as to go over the IBG medals and put them into different categories. Finding the way among our medals is now easier than ever. Check it out on the medals page.
Mystic continues his work on our web pages, and new details are made better all the time. If any of the squadrons want help with their own pages, send a note to Mystic.
James is working on getting the mentor/instructor initiative up and running. He's got a number of qualified pilots already, but we can always use a few more hands.
Bith Jon and I have been heavily involved in the things going on in HC over the last couple of weeks. This steals not a little time and resources, and I really hope things will calm down a bit, so that we can get focus back on making things fun in the IBG.

2. ITOD 502

The second mission in Tour 5 was something of a "wakeup" for most of us flying it. Three seconds after launch, and you were dead. We got something to work on here. Thanks to the ITOD Team and Alexander for this one.
It looks like Anton Nels is after "making a Richo" on this tour. As he did in 501, he took home the Gold Wing on this one as well. Excellent work, Anton. You really had some of us working to beat you, but no luck. Also like last month, the two others taking home medals were Spokes and Vason. While Vason beat Spokes on 501, this time Spokes got his "revenge" and earned himself yet another Silver Wing. This is his Gold/Silver/Bronze medal no. 20! That's quite a record. Vason has started out well on his own collction, and earns his first Bronze medal this time. When will we see the first Gold Wing?
Among the squadrons, it looked like this:

Rank	Squad		Kills	Score	Reports
1. Dagger 91 27,186 6
2. Phalcun 20 16,070 3
3. Wildcard 5 6,974 3
4. Draco 2 454 3
5. NightWolf 0 0 3
6. Stinger 0 0 1

Dagger took it home again; only Phalcun put up a fight. Dagger won the Commander's Golden Chalice, for having the higest percentage of reporting pilots. Congratulations!

I can't remember last time we had this few reports. And more than half the reports are Zero's. This is a rather obvious sign something is wrong in our fleet right now. Any inputs on this is welcome. I'll make a thread on our forum for this, and hope to see some response there.

3. ITOD 503

The mission is delayed. I hope we'll see it out in a day or two.

4. Multiplayer

I'm sorry to say this, but there's not much going on here right now. Partly this is because of the trouble getting Requiem to start functioning. Still, our LIC site is working, so there should be no reason not to fly a match or three every now and then. LIC you find here:
There are medals to be won here...
The XWA WoW still happens every months. Ask Jon or Spokes about this if you're interested in finding out where the fun is.

5. Medals and awards

1LT Anton Nels, you're herby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for your victory on ITOD 502. Excellent flying, Anton! Three down, one to go...

RA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, you're hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for you flying on ITOD 502. Congratulations with your 20th medal!

CPT Vason Senmic, you're hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for your brave flying on ITOD 502. Keep this going, Vason!

Pilots of Dagger Squadron, you're hereby awarded the IBG Commander's Golden Chalice for having the highest number of reports on ITOD 502. Well done!

LCL Ton Matty, you're hereby awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal for your narrative on ITOD 502. Having two reports up on one mission is nice :)

Merits and medals have been updated.

In this section I'd like to mention a couple of other pilots this time. They're all pilots who've left the IBG over the last few weeks, and they will be missed. This is Daron who left Dagger, Xtremegene who left Stinger, and Richo who left Draco. All three of them has been among the most faithful pilots we've had, and it feels weird looking at the Roster and not seeing their names. We wish them all the best wherever they're heading next.

6. Wrap Up

We're closing in on Christmas, and I guess many of you're busy finishing exams and stuff. I wish each of you some peacefull days in the end of the month, and I hope to see a lot of you on IRC during the Christmas days.

BGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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