Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Hammerfall: Shattering Strike

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Overseeing Officer: FA Licah Fox

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

A brand-new mission by our own LGN Anton "Ups" Nels features an exciting three sectors of combat against the forces of Titan, including the SSD herself!

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Defeat: Failure to reach Stalemate objectives.

Stalemate: At least 3 reports filed, including 2 mission complete reports.

Minor Victory: At least 5 reports filed, including 3 mission complete reports.

Major Victory: At least 7 reports filed, including 4 mission complete reports.

Scoring: 10 points assigned to the officer with the highest score, 9 points assigned to the 2nd-highest score, and so forth. All mission complete reports will receive a minimum of 5 points, and all mission failure reports will receive a minimum of 3 points.


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
LCM lmaokai88 Details 10
LCM Ralis Solin Details 7
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark Details 5
LJG Tucker Northcote Details 5
CPT Ceradan Jade Details 5
LGN Anton "Ups" Nels Details 4
MAJ Asen Details 4
MGN CrazyCarl Details 4
FA Licah Fox Details 3
COL Reabel Details 3
COL Galen McGrath Details 2