Rebel Squadrons


Star Wars Flight Simulators

In every game, we participate in a series of single-player missions with a storyline (an Interactive Tour of Duty) created from scratch by our mission builders. A new mission is released every month, and the pilots compete for top score and best personal narrative.

X-Wing: We are the most active and largest existing group on the Internet for the classic LucasArts game X-Wing - possibly the only group nowadays. We accept all versions of the game: XW95, DOS CD, DOS floppy, and Macintosh. Our X-Wing activity takes place in the Patriot Battle Fleet.

TIE Fighter: We have an active group of TIE pilots striking back against the Empire using their own ships. We accept all versions of the game: TIE95, DOS CD, DOS floppy, and Macintosh. We play TIE Fighter in Patriot Battle Fleet.

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: We participate in multiplayer competitions, such as Week of War and others; we also fly co-op missions against the computer and each other. We fly the original X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Balance of Power, and some mods that have been released for the game. The XvT fleet is Vigilance Starfighter Group.

X-Wing Alliance: We participate in multiplayer competitions, most notably Week of War. We also fly melees with each other on a fairly regular basis. The RS' center of X-Wing Alliance is the Vigilance Starfighter Group.

Star Wars Real-Time Strategy

Empire at War is the latest addition to the RS family of games, and many multiplayer matches are played in the RS each week. The RS' EaW unit is the Righteous Indignation Division.

Star Wars Writing & Roleplaying

Fiction Writing: We recreate the Star Wars universe and add new and exciting developments by writing run-on fiction - building stories with other people one piece at a time - in the Zealot Special Operations Unit.

Roleplaying: One of our most active and vibrant units is the Allegiance Battle Group, a group of people who enjoy roleplaying Star Wars characters. We use a modified D6 system of roleplaying. If you've never tried it before, you may find that you enjoy it very much.