Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Hammerfall: Rising Dawn

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Overseeing Officer: FA Cyrel Vandroth

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

With the tide turning in favor of the Republic Shield, the Allegiance Battle Group has been deputed with the task of cutting Titan off by the roots. In order for any other Imperial Remnants to rise in power, the ABG will move into the Baphomet System, addressing any possible stragglers that may take advantage and rise into a formidable threat.

Participant Overall Objective: Participate in Sims! Submit to this objective a summary of one of your sims. Better yet, put it on the forums (bonus credit) and provide a link to the forum post.

Individual Scoring: 70% of your score will be based on participation as determined by your leaderboard points in Simming and GMing. 30% of your score will be based on your summary, which is judged based on length and quality.

RS Defeat: The escaping remnant disappears into the cover of the galaxy, and the ABG trail goes cold, leaving Bethlamore prone to surprise attacks. Due to spending resources in regaining the trial, businesses and side projects have their gains reduced by 50% for the next session.

Stalemate: The Allegiance Battle Group clears out enemy threats on Bethlamore, but gain no substantial leads. Participants in the ITOD receive 2 CP.
Objective: At least 800 hours of total sims reported. ((3 characters + 1 GM count as 4 hours per every hour they participate.))

Minor RS Victory: The ABG receives two substantial trials leading to possible insurgents along the Baphomet System. The ABG neutralizes the two trails, however, there is little certainty as to whether or not any remain. Knowing that Bethlamore is secure, business picks up with little concern for another attack. Participants in the ITOD receive 1 FP and 3 CP.
Objective: 1,300 Hours of sims reported, 5 hours of character sims reported and/or major objective completed in any GM's campaign.

Major RS Victory: Able to trace the majority of the Titan remnants, the Allegiance Battle Group moves in and wipes out any remnants of Titan once and for all. With the entirety of Baphomet restored to a sense of normalcy, all gains from businesses and side projects are increased by 10% for the subsequent session. Participants in the ITOD receive 2 FP and 5 CP.
Objective: 1,600 hours of simming reported. At least 1 member successfully takes their aGM, GM, SGM tests OR at least 10 unique players participate in a sim during the sessio


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark Details 10
FA Cyrel Vandroth Details 1