Rebel Squadrons

Objective: (Ground/FPS) Hammerfall: Rising Dawn

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Overseeing Officer: FA Lucas Benoit-Stark

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

On board the 19,000 meter-long form of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Titan, several strike teams navigate through the superstructure, clearing their way through the garrisons of stormtroopers, TFIRG soldiers, and other abominations created by the evil organization. The numbers clearly favor the Imperial organization; however, where numbers favor against the men and women of the Republic Shield, tactics and teamwork prove to be the ultimate equalizer. Only through careful coordination throughout the innards of the [i]Titan[/i] can the legion of fighters inflict enough damage to disrupt its operations.

Participant Overall Objective: The goal of this objective is to promote multiplayer activity between members of the Rebel Squadrons in [b]any[/b] FPS multiplayer platform as per the selections given by you, the members of the Rebel Squadrons. This includes co-op missions and games and/or versus games that revolve around the FPS genre.

Individual Scoring: Scores will be tallied based on times logged in and out of the platform. Screen shots, streams, and timestamps are permissible, but ultimately, scores will be submitted using the reporter on the Rebel Squadrons website.

RS Defeat: Little impact occurs on the [i]Titan[/i] and the Republic Shield is pushed back as Titan stormtroopers hold their ground and gain footing in critical areas as the RS suffers heavy casualties.

Stalemate: The Republic Shield forces Titan soldiers to retreat into critical areas on board the Super Star Destroyer, but those areas remain stalwart and the Republic Shield makes little impact. The RS makes an early retreat as the heavy casualties forces the abandonment of the mission.
Objective: 100 total hours played. 25 total hours with others Example: An hour game played amongst 3 RS members will constitute three total hours played.

Minor RS Victory: The Republic Shield forces 50 percent of the Titan soldiers to defend the Shield Relays, allowing the heroes easier access to the Concussion Launchers along the PORT, AFT and the STARBOARD section. This extends the mission and allows push around the ship but not into its center as numbers dwindle.
Objective: 200 total hours played. 50 total hours among and with other RS members.

Major RS Victory: Due to the strength of the push, most of the Titan soldiers retreat to the center of the Super Star Destroyer, allowing easier access to the Concussion Launchers and most importantly, the Shield Relays along the PORT, AFT, and STARBOARD sections. Heavy casualties remain, however, the retreat facilitates evacuations upon mission successes.
Objective: 300 total hours played. 100 total hours among and with other RS members.


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark Details 0
ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran Details 0