Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Historic Campaign - The First Step

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Overseeing Officer: GEN Anton "Ups" Nels

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

With the battle of Endor over and Rebel forces splitting up to combat the wounded Empire. Admiral Ackbar has ordered a small group of Rebel pilots to reinforce the Rebel staging area at Sullust, fearing a reprisal from the Empire over the destruction of the Second Death Star. You’ll join the YT-2000 Redeemer, transporting pilots and ground crew to a civilian station in the Sullust system of the Outer Rim. There, you’ll help defend the construction and commissioning of additional X-wing Starfighters to reinforce the area during this tumultuous time.

Participant Overall Objective: Fly the mission! Reporting may be done via the standard ITOD reporter with a link to your flight attempt.

Individual Scoring: ITOD scoring will be based on mission score, and if you successfully accomplished your objectives. 3 points are awarded for a successful mission, 1 for a failure, and up to 7 for your overall score. So a victory with max points will take home the gold!

Defeat: Heavy damage to X-wing parts means 50% of them won’t be ready for missions in the initial campaign while undergoing repairs and assembly.
Objective: Less than 4 reports are submitted.

Stalemate: The X-wings arrive and while some damage was done to the parts during transit, the initial fighter squadrons will be at full strength.
Objective: 6 reports are submitted.

Victory: With everything arriving on time and in pristine order, the initial fighter squadrons are able to be deployed immediately and in pristine order to deal with any Imperial presence in the area.
Objective: 8 or greater reports are submitted.


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