Rebel Squadrons
Person: FA Michael Raven
Medal: Excellency of Duty

Date: December 1, 2016
Nominated by: FA Cyrel Vandroth
Awarded by: FA Cyrel Vandroth
Reason for nomination: Fleet Admiral Michael Raven,

As Logistics Officer, you have continued to provide narrative information to task force leaders and authors across the RS. Your work on the RS storyline as a whole continues to drive activity and encourage engagement across multiple platforms. When you are unable to fulfill your duties or even random requests, you are always prompt in letting me know when you are unavailable. Despite no longer bearing the responsibility of the RPG division, you continue to be a model SGM and drive activity in that division.

As one of the most decorated officers in the RS, I struggled to find a suitable reward for your continued service. I've at last settled on an award I actually took out of retirement for exactly this type of commendation, one that has the dual benefit of being something you do not yet possess.

FA Raven, I hereby award you the Excellency of Duty commendation.
Comments by awarding officer:

Date: October 7, 2020
Nominated by: FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Awarded by: FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Reason for nomination: Because how do you not have this for simming? Your sole goal for the ABG has been for us to have a place where we can retreat from the world and have fun, where it's okay to nerd out over Star Wars, because none of us could remotely outnerd you. You've crafted system changes we've loved, GM'd some of the best campaigns any of us have ever played, and fostered almost two-decades of interaction between people that would otherwise have never been friends in the first place. So this isn't for a single campaign, or single act, but for an immeasurable weight of care, of a digital representation of the sheer effort you put forth for others. If I could, I'd issue twenty of these, and it still wouldn't be enough. Thank you, Raven, for everything you've done for us, it has not gone unnoticed, and this is overdue.
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