Rebel Squadrons
Person: FA Cyrel Vandroth
Medal: New Republic Medal of Honor

Date: March 15, 2011
Nominated by: ADM Kirghy Lommax
Awarded by: ADM Kirghy Lommax
Reason for nomination: "Finally, I would like to nominate Vice Admiral Cyrel Vandroth. Cyrel, formerly Ciredik, has been an ABG member longer than I have. He has always been a major moving force in the unit and a good personal friend. That aside, his nomination solely comes from his performance in the Unholy Alliance campaign. He was one of the only ABG members to participate in every single UA sim. Though the fact was not made public, this long-reaching campaign had been going on for three years, with seemingly unrelated 'mini-campaigns' spreading that time. Cyrel was the first ABG member to make the connection that events were intertwined with each other, and was the first ABG member to fully understand how and why the invaders at Bethlamore were besting them at every turn. With assistance, he was able to help drastically reverse the fortunes of the ABG, securing logistical and strategic victories against otherwise insurmountable odds. As a combat medic he brought many participants back from the brink of death, while incapacitating and otherwise disposing of opponents. Developing what seemed like a professional relationship with some of the more 'sway-able' members of the invading force he unknowingly secured major victories for the ABG by convincing many of the elite members of the invading force to 'sit out' engagements, focusing their efforts elsewhere. Ultimately, Cyrel would leave the ABG at the end of the campaign, pursuing other ventures in an agreement to save the lives of his peers. His selfless devotion to his team, his absolutely legendary performance, and his overarching drive to see victory when others were looking annihilation in the face should make our entire fleet proud for years to come." -Fleet Admiral Michael Raven, Allegiance Battle Group Commanding Officer

Upon the power vested in me by High Command, the RS Bylaws, and you, the members of the Rebel Squadrons, I, as RS Fleet Commander, do approve these nominations and hereby award Major General Eric Skrevski, Admiral Sienn Sconn, and Vice Admiral Cyrel Vandroth the New Republic Medal of Honor! Congratulations, gentlemen!

Comments by awarding officer:

Date: June 6, 2020
Nominated by: FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Awarded by: FA Lucas Benoit-Stark
Reason for nomination: Cyrel, aside from myself, you more than anyone else participated and pushed forward the storyline more than any one individual character. Your continued high quality RP, understanding of the system, and desire to actually push forward the storyline and modify it as opposed to being passive are an inspiration and example for everyone to follow. - Nominated by Michael Raven
Comments by awarding officer:

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