Rebel Squadrons
Person: GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Medal: Dagger of Courage

Date: July 22, 2006
Nominated by: FA Licah Fox
Awarded by: FA Licah Fox
Reason for nomination: For being willing to accept the mantle of the Person In Charge of the Rebel Squadrons by accepting their nominations for Fleet Commander, and showing their commitment in the election process, three people deserve recognition: Lieutenant General Michael Raven, Brigadier General Anton "Ups" Nels, and Lieutenant General Leonard Cable. I think the commitment these gentlemen were willing to give the Rebel Squadrons has earned them the Dagger of Courage - -^†^- -. Thank you, sirs!
Comments by awarding officer: See the 21 July 2006 State of the Rebel Squadrons. Congratulations, everyone! ":)

Date: March 28, 2007
Nominated by: GEN Damon Lightwind
Awarded by: FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Reason for nomination: For recognition for all your help with my current RS recruiting project to make my site on yahoo a show piece for undecided future recruits. I very happy with your screen shots you voluntarily took the time to play all those games to provide me. I also have to admit that I did not expect all that work to come from one person and for that I am very grateful of your efforts. I hope others will follow your lead and step up to help the RS grow as you did, thanks again.
Comments by awarding officer: Congratulations General! All of the Rebel Squadrons benefit when recruitment goes well.

Date: February 1, 2021
Nominated by: FA Michael Raven
Awarded by: FA Michael Raven
Reason for nomination: For your hard work and dedication as Squadron Commanding Officers, and your participation in the RS Pilot Draft.
Comments by awarding officer:

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