Rebel Squadrons

New support for online console games

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 12, 2008
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Greetings RSers,

To celebrate the beginning of summer, I've added the capability to the RS website for hosting online console games. RS members can now play all the classic Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Arcade, regular Nintendo, and even some PlayStation games with each other for free using this server. Several people from the Bar & Grill have been testing out the server in the past few days, and it has worked very well so far with games like Super Mario Kart, Super Street Fighter 2, NHL '94, Final Fight 3, and Tecmo Super Bowl.

I've added a TeamSpeak server as well, so you can talk to each other while you play. This will be the official Rebel Squadrons TeamSpeak server, so please feel free to use it whenever you are playing games with other RS members.

Information on how to set up Kaillera (the name of the console game server) and TeamSpeak is at the following website:

Please try out the Kaillera server as much as you like. It's a public server, so you may see random non-RS people playing games too. If you don't see any RSers on the server, try asking in the Bar & Grill for games.

I have set up a forum post for discussion of what activities and games you'd like to see set up, so please weigh in!

Finally, the first "official" activity will be a Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES) league. This is a great football game with 1995 rosters, and all RSers are welcome to play, even if you've never played the game before - it's not too hard to pick up. Kaz, your lovable RSFC, and I will both be participating, along with a few others so far, so if you want to play football with us, send me an email!

Rear Admiral Licah Fox

P.S. As I'm about to send this email, Commander Terrak "TJ" Jace has just given the RS forums a serious facelift... check them out, and kudos to him!


- Sat Jun 14 2008, 3:23am
I have access to alot of old game roms, I will see if there compatable with your emulator and see about sending them.
2LT Light Barcue - Sat Jun 14 2008, 4:19pm
I am looking forward to this feature.