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The Binaural Sector
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The Binaural Sector

  • SECTOR NAME: Binaural Sector
  • SYSTEM NAMES: Vertico, Blaylock, Hanguur, Ockus, Demelin, Ledbetter
  • AGE: 5 billion years
  • GOVERNMENT: New Republic

    The New Frontier

    Having pledged their loyalty to Palpatine soon after his rise to power, the people of the Binaural Sector were able to enjoy relative peace during the days of the Empire. Widely considered too remote to have any type of strategic or economic value, the Imperials still maintained a large garrison on the sector's capital world Lukin, located within the Ledbetter System. With the fall of the Emperor scattering his fleets across the galaxy, it was only natural that many Remnant Warlords would find their way to the remote Binaural Sector, biding their time and gathering forces to harrass the fledgling New Republic.

    After the discovery of incredibly rich mineral resources within the nearby Cadrel Expanse, the Imperials of the Binaural Sector became eager to seize the resources for themselves, to better fuel their efforts in restoring the Empire to power in the Galaxy. These attempts would be in vain, as the Binaural Remnant's advance was stopped cold by the Rebel Squadrons, in what would become known as the Outer Rim War.

    The Coming Storm

    After their failure in the Outer Rim War, the Remnant still in the Expanse had found themselves isolated within the Elornia System, in a stalemate with the Rebel Squadrons forces that now protected the lucrative Cadrel trade routes. Both sides longed for an end to the other, but the Imperials numbers were too few for a sustained assault, and the RS High Command was wary of committing to a large scale operation so soon after the last. Skirmishes between the groups flared up for months along the Elronian borders, slowly escalating into what looked like an inevitable return to war.

    While still loathe to commit to another war just a year after the last, Rebel Squadrons High Command realized the potential danger in allowing the Remnant to remain within the Expanse, and began preparations for a strike at the heart of the Elornia System. After weeks of fighting, the Remnant withdrew from the Elornia System, and the Cadrel Expanse altogether, choosing to regroup instead within their home of the Binaural Sector.

    The Storm Unleashed

    Believing themselves to be safe, the Imperial Remnant forces of the Binaural Sector were caught totally unaware when the total combined forces of the Rebel Squadrons began a series of devestating attacks launched from the newly captured Elornia System. RS High Command had decided to put an end to the Imperial threat once and for all, and the Second Outer Rim War had begun. When the dust cleared, the Rebel Squadrons held the majority of the Sector, but pockets of Remnant still remained....