Rebel Squadrons

Medals For Major Asen

Symbol Name Fleet Category No. Held Reason
={TOP SQUAD}= RS Top Squadron RS-Wide Accomplishment 1 Reason
^|DCC|^ Dauntless Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 2 Reason
|*| Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
-=*O*=- Citation of Victory RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
=*= Merit Commendation RS-Wide Commendation 3 Reason
<=*=> Retired Unit Commendation RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
~}GCC{~ Gallant Combat Citation RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
~*TOD*~ Tour of Duty Pin RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
*III* 3-Year Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
{|^~*~^|} RgF Top Squad RgF Combat 7 Reason
{|^~W~^|} RgF Top Wing RgF Combat 5 Reason
*))@((* Master Cadet with Honors (X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter) Academy Graduation 1 Reason