Rebel Squadrons

Medals For Fleet Admiral Cyrel Vandroth

Symbol Name Fleet Category No. Held Reason
{{ITOD Top Gun}} RS ITOD Top Gun (NEW) RS-Wide Accomplishment 1 Reason
={TOP SQUAD}= RS Top Squadron (NEW) RS-Wide Accomplishment 8 Reason
{TOPGUN} RS Top Gun SP RS-Wide Accomplishment 2 Reason
-=(HGM)=- High Game Master Patch RS-Wide Accomplishment 1 Reason
-=(*MARATHON*)=- Sim Marathon Medal RS-Wide Accomplishment 2 Reason
-=(SGM)=- Senior Game Master Patch RS-Wide Accomplishment 1 Reason
MCM Minos Campaign Medal RS-Wide Campaign 1 Reason
^|BVM|^ Blerthmore Vigilant's Medal RS-Wide Campaign 1 Reason
]]]<(*)>[[[ New Republic Medal of Honor RS-Wide Combat 2 Reason
*†* Alliance Dagger RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
~]RSKC[~ Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent (NEW) RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
|*^*| Flames of Courage RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
^|DCC|^ Dauntless Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 2
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation RS-Wide Combat 1 Reason
~ODP~ Operational Development Pin RS-Wide Combat 4 Reason
*:* Violet Cluster RS-Wide Combat 2 Reason
Excellency of Service RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
~*UC*~ Unit Commendation RS-Wide Commendation 3 Reason
|//Oo| Tatooine Suns RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
||U|| Kessel Cup RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
<=BC=> Burdine Cluster RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
<=IS=> Iridium Spire RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
<=AS=> Alvace Star RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
-^†^- Dagger of Courage RS-Wide Commendation 2 Reason
-=*O*=- Citation of Victory (NEW) RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
=*= Merit Commendation RS-Wide Commendation 1 Reason
<=*=> Retired Unit Commendation RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
~}EVC{~ Endor Victory Citation RS-Wide Retired 3 Reason
||--->|| Tour Champion Award RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
{o~;;} Dantooine Key Citation RS-Wide Retired 1
~}GCC{~ Gallant Combat Citation RS-Wide Retired 1 Reason
~*TOD*~ Tour of Duty Pin RS-Wide Retired 2 Reason
<=HC=> High Command Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
~{|XX|}~ Rebel Squadrons 20th Anniversary Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
(JSO) Junior Supply Officer Award RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
*XXI* 21-Year Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
*XVII* 17-Year Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
*XV* 15-Year Service Medal RS-Wide Service 1 Reason
-[::|*|::]- R2F Squadron Award R2F Commendation 1
!! RSCD Endor Crescent RSCD Combat 1
*{0}* RSCD Legion of Merit RSCD Commendation 4
~|^|%|^|~ Master Cadet with Honors, Aurora Force Academy AF Graduation 1
$^={@}=^$ Master Cadet with Honors, STC (TBF) Academy RF Graduation 1
*))R+I((* Master Cadet with Honors (Empire at War) Academy Graduation 1 Reason
*)!@!(* Master Cadet with Honors (Simming) Academy Graduation 1
-=(|*^*|)=- ABG: Baphomet Service Star ABG Accomplishment 1
-=(*DoB*)=- ABG: Defender of Baphomet ABG Accomplishment 1 Reason
-=(*JEDI KNIGHT*)=- ABG: Jedi Knight Patch ABG Accomplishment 1
-=(**JEDI MASTER**)=- ABG: Jedi Master Patch ABG Accomplishment 1 Reason
-=(+@+)=- ABG: Spira Regatta Ribbon ABG Accomplishment 1 Reason
*)( RID Battle Report Bronze Star RID Accomplishment 3 Reason
**)( RID Battle Report Silver Star RID Accomplishment 1 Reason
~*~!~*~ RID Combat Bronze Star RID Combat 2 Reason
+*RID*+ RID Combat Citation RID Combat 1 Reason
RID=!*o*!=MP RID Ribbon: Combat Participation RID Combat 3 Reason
RID=1st=ITOD RID Ribbon: ITOD First Place Victory RID Combat 4 Reason
RID=2nd=ITOD RID Ribbon: ITOD Second Place Victory RID Combat 4 Reason
RID=3rd=ITOD RID Ribbon: ITOD Third Place Victory RID Combat 3 Reason
RID=!!!=ITOD RID Ribbon: ITOD Top Task Force RID Combat 3 Reason
**[R|I|D]** RID Medal of Excellence RID Commendation 1 Reason
|>*<| Zealot Bronze Star Zealot Accomplishment 1 Reason
<{#}> Zealot Violet Cluster Zealot Combat 1 Reason