Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Hammerfall: Shattering Strike

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Overseeing Officer: FA Licah Fox

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

We've sent commandos to establish several new outposts as an emergency operation in case of unfortunate events with the battle against Titan.

Join the Rebel Squadrons Minecraft server, hosted by BGN jcmcgoo. The server link is pinned in #minecraft on our Discord, or you can alternatively email for the server address. If you are not on the whitelist and can't get into the server, please also ask Jc or another op in #minecraft to add your Minecraft username. We run the latest version of regular Minecraft, Java Edition, 1.15.2 (vanilla).

Defeat: Failure to reach Stalemate objectives.

Stalemate: 100 total hours played by all RS officers combined. 25 total hours with others.
One outpost partially established.

Minor Victory: 200 total hours played. 50 total hours with others.
At least one major outpost established, fallback made possible for RS forces.

Major Victory: 300 total hours played. 100 total hours with others.
Several outposts established, many options enabled.

Scoring: 10 points assigned to the officer with the most hours played overall, 9 points assigned to the 2nd-most hours, and so forth.


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark Details 0
COL Galen McGrath Details 0