Rebel Squadrons
The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws

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Section 1 - Mission Statement

1.1 Mission Statement

  • The Rebel Squadrons is an online gaming fan club, with a focus on the Star Wars universe, dedicated to being a rewarding and fun experience for its members. While we have a rich presence within the Star Wars universe, the Rebel Squadrons supports and maintains an organized presence within non-Star Wars games, and can expand at any time to include new games that our members wish to engage in.
  • The Rebel Squadrons strives to encourage the growth and development of creativity, responsibility, leadership, and good judgement amongst its members. In accordance with these goals, the Rebel Squadrons subscribes to the combined principles of H.I.E.R. (Pronounced “higher”; Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, and Respect.)

1.2 Membership Participation

  • All members have the opportunity to join whichever division they wish, and may participate in as many activities as they like without discrimination or limitation; however, all members shall belong to only one squadron.