Rebel Squadrons
The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws

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Section 4 - Ranks & Promotions

4.1 New Members

  • All new members enter the Rebel Squadrons with the rank of Cadet (CDT). Once they have confirmed their wish to join, they are immediately placed in a squadron.
  • The RSFC and their Executive Staff will determine any requirements for RS Academy attendance, and the regulations for initial promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LJG).

4.2 Promotions & Medals

  • To receive a promotion to any rank, a member should consistently show they are dedicated to the RS by being active over a period of time, participating in activities, and making worthwhile contributions.
  • All promotions will be awarded for proven service only. Standards for promotions will be fair and consistent. All members may be promoted by their Squadron CO, the RSXO, RSFC, or a designated executive of the RSFC; but any member may recommend someone for promotion. The RSFC may only be promoted by a majority vote of High Command.
  • Every Squadron CO is required to regularly review every member under their command and grant appropriate promotions.
  • Squadron COs will review officers under their command and may directly award Level 1 promotions. They may recommend a member for a Level 2 promotion. The RSFC, RSFC’s designated executive, or RSXO will review all officers and may directly award Level 2 promotions. No officer, except the RSFC, may directly promote another individual above their own rank.
  • Medals are to be created at the discretion of the RSFC or their designated executive. Criteria for medals will be clearly laid out so that anyone can nominate an individual for an appropriate medal. Medals may only be awarded by the RSFC, RSXO, or the RSFC’s designated executive.

4.3 Level 1: Squadron Ranks

  • Level 1 ranks are to be awarded by the Squadron CO for proven activity and contributions at the squadron level. Minimum time in each rank is in parentheses next to each rank.
    • LJG - Lieutenant Junior Grade
    • 2LT - Second Lieutenant (2 weeks)
    • 1LT - First Lieutenant (2 weeks)
    • CPT - Captain (2 weeks)
    • MAJ – Major (1 month)
    • LCM - Lieutenant Commander (1 month)
    • CMDR - Commander (1 month)
    • LCL - Lieutenant Colonel (1 month)
    • COL - Colonel (1 month)

4.4 Level 2: Club Ranks

  • Level 2 ranks are to be awarded only by the RSXO or RSFC for proven activity and contributions at the club level. Minimum time in each rank is in parentheses next to each rank.
    • BGN - Brigadier General (3 months)
    • MGN - Major General (3 months)
    • LGN - Lieutenant General (3 months)
    • GEN - General (3 months)
    • COM - Commodore (3 months)
    • RA - Rear Admiral (6 months)
    • VA - Vice Admiral (6 months)
    • ADM - Admiral (6 months)
    • FA - Fleet Admiral