Rebel Squadrons
The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws

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Section 3 - Fleet Structure

3.1 Overview

  • The Rebel Squadrons is made up of individual squadrons, each of which has its own policies, regulations, and leadership. The purpose of a squadron is to act as a low level organizational unit to foster coordination and interaction between members, and promote healthy competition between different units. It is intended that the squadron be a place where a member can feel welcome. To that end no squadron is permitted to act in a manner contradicting established Rebel Squadrons policy. The Rebel Squadrons will consist of however many squadrons the RSFC deems necessary.

3.2 Squadron Formation & Participation

  • The RSFC may create squadrons at any time if it is deemed necessary. A squadron is defined as a unit of 6 to 12 members, though exceptions may be made with approval from the RSFC. Members of a squadron are not required to participate in or own a particular game, though some squadrons may be themed for a particular game at the discretion of their CO.

3.3 Squadron Command

  • Each squadron shall have a Commanding Officer (Squadron CO), appointed by the RSFC, who bears responsibility for the well-being of their squadron. It is the Squadron CO’s responsibility to keep their Squadron XO constantly informed of their squadron’s developments to facilitate any transfer of squadron command. A Squadron CO’s responsibility and authority is absolute, but encompasses their squadron alone; any issue that is not restricted to the squad should be elevated along the chain of command.
  • Each squadron shall have an Executive Officer (Squadron XO), appointed by the Squadron CO whose authority is derived from the Squadron CO. In addition, the Squadron XO bears responsibility for their squadron in the event the Squadron CO is unable to perform their duties. The Squadron XO is expected to assist the Squadron CO in the execution of their duties as necessary.

3.4 Command Limitations

  • All officers may hold at most one squadron leadership position (CO or XO of a squadron or other similar unit) and one club leadership position (Platform Coordinator). This limit may be waived by the RSFC.

3.5 Platform Coordinators

  • The RSFC shall appoint a number of Platform Coordinators to lead gaming operations in the Rebel Squadrons. Platform Coordinators are responsible for the health and day-to-day operations of the game that they lead. While not directly on the Chain of Command, a PC’s authority extends to encompass the game that they lead, and follows the same regulations when it comes to squadrons in terms of adherence to RS policy.