Rebel Squadrons

CD Combat Citation

This medal is retired.

The CD Combat Citation is awarded to commandos that actively engage in combat with other clubs, clans, etc. This citation may only be awarded once, to signify that a commando has gained combat experience.It is to be awarded by the Melee Officer or officers of company XO status or higher.

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CD Combat Citation

CMDR Alexxander Vandross - (More Information)
LCM Arill Wiltker
1LT Benito45 - (More Information)
RA Boid Reaves
LCM Bonaparte - (More Information)
2LT Borch - (More Information)
LJG Caer
CPT Ceradan Jade - (More Information)
CPT Chris Evam
GEN Corran Horn Jr.
LCM Dav Starlighter - (More Information)
FA Dev
MAJ Devara Nomobgo - (More Information)
LJG Eren Duval
LCM Graff Starkiller - (More Information)
RA Harley Quinn - (More Information)
MAJ Harm Darkmoon
2LT Hev Randrowan - (More Information)
2LT Idano Delryn
BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon
LCM James "Corsair" Folen - (More Information)
LCL jelf boom - (More Information)
LGN Jon Anchorage
CPT Jordan
FA Kaz Falcion
MAJ Keldar "Whisper" Wenn - (More Information)
2LT Kip Astar - (More Information)
MAJ Korras - (More Information)
1LT LeoRo - (More Information)
CPT Li' Coden - (More Information)
CPT Lord_Jim - (More Information)
CPT Lukus Harman - (More Information)
COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan - (More Information)
BGN Nichos Katran
MAJ Ode Tawi - (More Information)
LCL Orian LaCarde
VA Patrick Blastfire
MGN Primlar Potamus - (More Information)
FA Rahj Tharen
COL Reabel
LCM REB JAXRA - (More Information)
CDT Saruman
RA Slate Mallar
FA Super - (More Information)
MAJ Tarax Eosphoros Kor
BGN Tasch Pencron
LCL Terrak Jace - (More Information)
CMDR Tobian "Beany" Kentaas
VA Trace
LCL Triani Sovak
ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran - (More Information)
1LT Waldroca
1LT Xque - (More Information)

(Ret.) CD Ribbon: First Place Victory
(Ret.) CD Ribbon: Second Place Victory
(Ret.) CD Ribbon: Master-Commando
(Ret.) CD Ribbon: Master-Sniper
(Ret.) Katarn Crescent
(Ret.) RSCD Bronze Star
(Ret.) RSCD CTF Trophy
(Ret.) RSCD Endor Crescent
(Ret.) RSCD Hoth Medal of Endeavor
(Ret.) RSCD ICM Campaign Ribbon


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