Rebel Squadrons

Alliance Dagger

Awarded to a member who shows extraordinary levels of activity in the Rebel Squadrons over a substantial period of time. This medal signifies that the recipient has exceeded the criteria for the Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent numerous times, and has distinguished themselves from other members. This medal is only awarded to a member once, and may only be awarded by the Fleet Commander.

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Alliance Dagger
Alliance Dagger

GEN Anton "Ups" Nels - (More Information)
CPT Billy Sunday (expelled)
CPT Blade Cannabisia (x2)
RA Boid Reaves (x24)
1LT Bria Tharen (x2)
GEN Chris Horn "Kicks" (x3) - (More Information)
CMDR Cole Landfarer (x2)
GEN Corran Horn Jr.
FA Cyrel Vandroth - (More Information)
CMDR Dan Qal Strum
LCL Darth Gumbo - (More Information)
LCL DashClone
FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - (More Information)
FA Dev (x2)
COL Dev Azzameen (x2) - (More Information)
LGN Doth Raandu
CMDR Dyl'jo'ban - (More Information)
LGN Eric Skrevski - (More Information)
VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis (x2)
COL Han Suul (x4)
BGN Hermus Dogan - (More Information)
RA Himm El-Syna - (More Information)
BGN Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon (x6)
LGN James "Nightwolf" Davidson - (More Information)
GEN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle - (More Information)
LCL Jay Forerunner - (More Information)
LCL jelf boom (x2) - (More Information)
CMDR Johnny
FA Kaz Falcion (x18) - (More Information)
MGN Kimiao Quinal - (More Information)
GEN Koah - (More Information)
LCM Kromium (x2)
RA Kyle Tobarn (x3)
COM Leonard Cable - (More Information)
FA Licah Fox (x3) - (More Information)
COL Los Bennett
COL Luren "DaLe" Ketan (x5) - (More Information)
RA Matt "Stallion" Williams
MAJ Maynard Stardust
FA Michael Raven (x5) - (More Information)
CPT Nicholas Kelric (x3)
VA Patrick Blastfire (x5)
GEN Petr Tagge Margul (x5)
GEN Phil DarkFire - (More Information)
FA Rahj Tharen (x28)
LCM Raven Arestar
BGN Ray Djo - (More Information)
COL Reabel - (More Information)
LCM REB JAXRA (x7) - (More Information)
LGN Rhuryc - (More Information)
BGN Richo - (More Information)
LCM Ryan "Tango" Xeleron
LCL Ryan Deean (x3)
GEN Sair Mandella (x4)
BGN shaolin - (More Information)
ADM Shikkie Kaaran
FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
LCM Talon Drear (x8)
BGN Topachea Nabbirie (x2)
1LT Torin Cloudhopper
LGN Trate Daxson
FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran (x11) - (More Information)
COM Wes Belden (x6)
1LT Xque - (More Information)
MGN Xtremegene (x3) - (More Information)
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Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent
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