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The Vectain System

  • SYSTEM NAME: Vectain
  • STAR NAMES: Vectain Prime (yellow-white mature), Nicephorian (red dwarf)
  • AGE: 4 billion years
  • GOVERNMENT: Rebel Squadrons/New Republic

    The Vectain System is the seat of power for the entire Cadrel Expanse. After its capture in the Cadrel Expanse Conflict, it was immediately declared the Rebel Squadrons' base of operations in the cluster. For this reason it was fortified and militarized faster than any other system conquered in the conflict. Strategically located in the middle of the Expanse, with a planet excellently suited for maintaining life, the Vectain System was the obvious choice. After the conflict ended the Fleet Commander declared the planet Mercurius to be the capital of the Cadrel Expanse and the second planet of the Rebel Squadrons, only below Blerthmore in importance. A suitable command center was erected on the southern continent in one of the open parries and other defenses are being deployed to protect the growing colony of civilians.

    In the war, the Battle of Vectain System proved to be the turning point in the war for the Rebel Squadrons. After receiving such a punishing blow from the forces of the Emperor's Hammer in the Elornia System battles, the Battle for the Vectain System would prove to be the largest and bloodiest engagement of the entire Cadrel Conflict. The RS delivered swift retribution against the Emperor's Hammer forces by destroying a starfighter staging base and defeating large contingents of Stormtroopers on the humid world of Mercurius. Losses for both sides were high, but RS commando units were able to destroy an Imperial communications facility on Mercurius that caused enough of a disruption for the main elements of the RS' fleet to launch its primary assault on the Vectain System through a hazardous 'back door' route lightly guarded by EH cruisers. The surprise assault gave the ships of the Rebel Squadrons the edge they needed to carry the day. From then on, the Rebel Squadrons gained enough momentum to take system by system in the Cadrel Expanse, leaving the Imperial remnants never able to catch up.


  • Command Fortress (Mercurius)
  • Planetside Starport (Mercurius)
  • Orbital Platform Bases (Mercurius)


  • Civilian Colony (Mercurius)
  • Scientific Observation Posts (Mercurius)

    The following sections provide the physical and social characteristics for the significant planetary body in the Vectain System:


    A gigantic terrestrial world, Mercurius is the cradle of civilization in the Vectain system, indeed, in the entire Expanse. A temperate climate prevails over much of the world. Waters cover only 40% of the surface, the rest of the land-giving rise to lush jungles, open prairies, and gently sloping hillsides. Untouched by man, it is somewhat amazing that even the atmosphere proves breathable to the majority of humanoid life forms. Gravity slightly lower than standard prevails, giving quick movement. It is thus not surprising that the world has given birth to many forms of life. Birdlike creatures roam the air, mammalians and reptilians cover the ground, and creatures prowl the depths of the oceans. Reptilian species seem to be dominating on Mercurius, and one sociologist claims to have evidence of audible communication between members of one of the species. His claims that sentient life may exist on Mercurius have been largely ignored, due to the fact that the Vectain System has previously been so remote as to be unheard of to even the most dedicated cartographer. With the recent instatement of Mercurius as the second planet of the Rebel Squadrons, more discoveries are expected as the planet becomes more widely known.

    PLANET NAME: Mercurius
    FUNCTION: Military
    TYPE: Terrestrial
    RADIUS: 18,872 km
    AXIAL TILT: 14 (Moderate)
    ORBIT: Elliptical
    TEMPERATURE: Temperate (5 to 35C)
    ATMOSPHERE: Type I (Breathable)
    GRAVITY: Light Standard (0.88 of Standard)
    TERRAIN: Jungles, Prairies, Mountains
    LENGTH OF DAY: 25 Standard Hours
    LENGTH OF YEAR: 324 Standard Days
    MOON(S): None
    SENTIENT SPECIES: Humans, aliens
    STARPORT: New Republic Class
    POPULATION: 5,000
    GOVERNMENT: New Republic
    TECH LEVEL: Space/New Republic
    MAJOR IMPORTS: Construction materials, equipment, supplies


  • Command Fortress (located on a plateau of the Green Prairie, southern continent)
  • Planetside Starport (located 10 kilometers north of the Command Fortress)
  • BASE New World
  • BASE Justification


  • Civilian Colony (growing up at the base of the Command Fortress plateau, southern continent)
  • Scientific Observation Posts (scattered deep within the jungles of all the continents)

    The Cadrel Expanse Conflict:

    The Battle for the Vectain System
    Victor: Rebel Squadrons
    Final Standings: Weeks 15 through 17

    Originally Complied by David Parnell/ Dave Trebonious-Astoris and Jared Fallick/ Rahj Tharen - May 23, 2001